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  • Jessa21 By  Jessa21    

    Warm Bodies💗

    I'M really inlove with the movie, i love the genre and of course the good acting skills of the actor and actress. They really portray well. It is really quite surprising knowing that this is not only a love story but it has a lot of funny scenes. I was really amazed how the dead body alive and fill inlove with the girl. Such a great movie ever💗

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  • sassyladyLS By  sassyladyLS    

    funny movie

    I laughed so hard while watching this movie it was so funny, i can watch the movie over and over and still find things to laugh about it.

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  • Kfreezy730 By  Kfreezy730    

    A few cheesy lines in this movie and the storyline could've been better developed but overall a really cute movie.

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  • LuckyBobtail By  LuckyBobtail    

    Worth watching at least once!

    It's a cute and funny movie but seems more geared towards teens. I did enjoy it since it was unique and off the wall but not everyone has the same taste in films.

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  • kscorey By  kscorey    

    Warm Bodies

    This is such a cute movie! It takes the traditional portrait of zombies and flips it to make it something that more than just fans of scary movies can enjoy. It is truely unique.

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  • Chevygal1981 By  Chevygal1981    

    Im not a zombie fan

    Zombies just freak me out but with the leading actor and his previous work I know I would like this movie so I watch it and I like it

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  • homemombkw By  homemombkw    

    I loved this movie. The movie was funny while having a fun and interesting plot. It managed to be unique as well.

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  • MissNerdy By  MissNerdy    

    Wanna fall head over heels for a zombie?

    Warm Bodies is a movie mostly about, from my own personal take on it, how it could be possible to fear something at first that you had always been very cautious about...then eventually start to enable the differences and become fast friends towards the end, after realizing and understanding that you could actually date a zombie. It's a love story between a normal girl and a zombie. In a world being divided by actually 3 parts...the humans, the zombies, and the ummm...ummm, bad, very-hungry, skinny zombies? Actually, I'm quite surprised that there are even good and bad zombies in this movie, lol. But it's an alright movie...just a little cheesy, tho.

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  • Pinkbabbygirl By  Pinkbabbygirl    

    Zombie love

    I hate love story's but there something about a zombie love story that makes this one number one on my heart.

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  • ME1155 By  ME1155    

    Typical brain eating zombie with a twist

    I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. My husband and I enjoyed the lighthearted take on zombies. I'd call it a typical brain eating zombie with a twist. It was funny, exciting, and had little moments of romance. Most zombie movies are usually scary and disturbing or really stupid, but this was how you would want it to be if zombies really took over the planet.

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  • TheTruth By  TheTruth    

    Cute movie

    This is a cute movie for all ages to watch, mostly directed for pre-teens (I think) but overall not a bad movie. having a sleep over? Watch it . just bored? Watch it 👍🏽

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  • rebeccarmiller2010 By  rebeccarmiller2010    

    My boyfriend is obsessed with everything zombie! I found this movie in the $5 bin at Walmart and I knew I had to get it for him! I didn't really know how to the movie was going to be until we watched it one night. It was so romantic and cheesy but cute all at the same time. It's one of those movies where I would love to see if they come out with a second one because I want to know what happens to the two of them!

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  • monicacrawford48 By  monicacrawford48    

    Strange movie. But I liked it! I love the different outlook on zombies it gave us. (Even though I love The Walking Dead). It was a good movie.

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  • DoctorPepper By  DoctorPepper    


    When I went to the movies I thought I was going to see an awesome zombie movie. I was wrong. Its more about a weird love story between a zombie and a girl. Also it was weird the zombie would think and have feelings. It was just mush. I don't recommend unless you like really weird love movies.

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  • hahill By  hahill    

    This was a great movie. Even for zombie haters you will love this one!

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