Mammoth TireBiter

Mammoth TireBiter

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Not durable like package claims Product is not durable at all! We purchased the large tire for our dogs as we have 2 adult pitbulls. Within 1 min, my female dog had the toy ripped into 3 pieces. Not impressed!

Puppy playing hard and loving it! I bought this for our Alaskan Malamute puppy and she loves it. She has not been able to tear this toy apart yet and she has had it for a couple of years. She can pick it up and toss it around the yard and play hard with it. I like that it can roll to her when she tosses it right and then she can get it to roll to you as well. So with this toy she can play on her own and that can be very important for any puppy.

Our dog destroys normal toys so we thought we would give this tire a try. It did not stand up to the boomer test. He had the large one destroyed in five minutes.

Didn't last a week with my puppy. I was disappointed.

I bought one of these toys years ago when my oldest dog was still a puppy. It seems durable enough but my dogs have absolutely no interest in it. I have tried bringing it on long car trips, vacations, and when we're playing in the backyard. They may chew on the toy for a few minutes and then they lose interest.

My puppy chewed through one of these easily. It's not very strong.

I have a Great Dane, so this proved to be a good long lasting toy for her. The only downside is that she's not very interested in it.

Didn't last for more than a few hours with my dogs. seemed very cheaply made.

Pretty tough, lasted my dog a couple of weeks, usually her toys last a day or so, but would be better with a rope she kind of lost interest in it and then would find it again.

My boxers have had this toy for awhile. It seems to be pretty tough. But they don't show a lot of interest in it.

This product packaging says it is very tough, and for strong chewers. My dog had this tire for 15 mins, I walked away to put some other items I bought away because I didn't think he would be able to chew it apart according to what they said about it on the package, but he chewed the entire inside rim off in big chunks. I even bought the largest one they had. I went online and read many reviews from others who had this same experience with this product. I emailed the company, sent pics, and the receipt and they refunded my money. Still, I was very worried about my dog getting sick from the rubber, or having him get a clogged intestine... Not a durable product at all.