Mam Anti Colic Bottles

Mam Anti Colic Bottles

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Love love this brand especially these bottles Omg I used to use the bottles for my last 2 kids I had and I absolutely love these bottles I recommend these to any mom or dad that has a baby suffering from colic

Favorite Bottle Brand These were my favorite bottles to use! There are 5 pieces (sounds like a lot i know) but it comes apart easily to make sure everything is perfectly clean. Mam products are what my child went to naturally.

All 3 of my kids ended up loving MAM bottles. They were all born with an upper lip tie and so we bought tons of bottles to try until it could be corrected when they wouldn't latch to nurse and MAM for each kid ended being the winner. When latch on bottle wasn't the best with lip ties babies would suck air and the COLIC feature of these bottles were a huge help. I never once had an issue with leaking or washing parts. WOULD BUY AGAIN!

Awesome for gassy tummy We started using these bottles immediately after coming home from the hospital. We had two of these bottles to start and some other brands. I noticed with the mam bottles my son had less gas in his stomach and less belching/spitting up after feedings. I loved that they were self sterilizing.

Best collic bottle My 2nd LOVED these bottles... These cured his collic issue with first use. Easy to clean and put back together despite extra parts.

Better than expected I received some of these bottles at my baby shower for my daughter. We've been using these for almost a week now and she seems to really like them more than the Nuk brand that I usually prefer. The slow flow nipples work really well for her. Excited to try the bigger bottles and nipples when the time comes.

Love these bottles! I absolutely love these bottles. I have used them for both of my children and will be using them for future children. This bottle are great for both newborns and older babies as they grow up. The bottle are very easy to clean as all of the components can come apart and can be easily cleaned. These bottles are also great for your hands and are very comfortable to hold. These bottle are also very easy to change out the nipples as the child gets older. I have never had any problem with latching with any of the bottles or nipples. I would also have to say that you do have to make sure that you put the seal in the right place, or you will have an issue with leaking. Again, I absolutly love these bottles and have tried others. But I can't find anything that I like any better than the MAM bottles.

Lovely product Highly recommend it's pink and all and charmful my baby loves it wanna take another one too. My sister's babies love it too

The best After our second child we found these bottles, we where so excited since we had been using the MAM pacifier since our first child. These bottles where amazing they helped to keep the amount of air from being swallowed had a great design that was easy for our baby to hold. The best part was having the matching pacifier helping to lower confusion between nipples and pacifier.

Highly recommend Well after nursing I chose to use #MAM anticolic bottles and I'm pleased to say it was a wise decision. My daughter suffered from colic since about day 6 and I nursed till she was 6 months with the option to let daddy and brother and sister feed her with hospital bottles these are very nice and the nipple is super soft and formed well

GREAT FOR BREASTFED BABIES i started breast feeding my son when he was born and after a week i turned to pumping full time. the mam bottles were amazing. Walmart had 4 bottles plus a pacifier for only $20! our son had no issue drinking out of this bottle what so ever. its very easy to clean and to sanitize. Untwist the bottom and its easy to clean and to dry. some girl friends of mine used these bottles as well and it kinda imitates the nipple a little bit . love this bottle!

Worked well for my baby with a tongue tie I bought these for my first daughter because she had a slight tongue tie and struggled with bottle that had traditional nipples. This was the only bottle she could truly drink from before we made the switch to regular sippy cups. The price was what I expected as they worked well with both her lip tie and gas. The designs are also super cute!

Pretty Just started using these bottles in five oz. they seem pretty good and they are pretty. I can't seem to find any 9oz in slow flow near me

After trying to wean my baby off; he wouldn't take any bottles at all. I would even buy the $50 "natural" breast flow ones on Amazon and he still wouldn't budge. I finally settle on these bottles due to the great review on how it feels like a breast nipple. After 2-3 weeks of my son rejecting all bottles; he took this bottle instead. It looks like he prefers the flat top nipple that resemble my breast nipple. I'm so thankful for these bottles. They are a life savor to my son and I. It made nursing and transitioning to bottle so much easier.

Love MAM bottles! I have never had a problem with them leaking (as long as you make sure all of the parts are in properly! ) I tried another type of bottle but my son choked when he drank for it. We also tried a simple no-vent bottle and it took him forever to finish the bottle and seemed to cause him more gas. I would definitely recommend these bottles. There are a few more parts to clean but so worth it for both my baby and me!