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  • Rodentiareviews By  Rodentiareviews    

    Great price, great taste!

    My husband loves these, we buy these all the time. Great price, great taste.

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  • honesty94 By  honesty94    

    unusual taste

    used to love brand and cereal as a child. now it takes like so many chemicals in it, i dont know how its still on the shelves!

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  • Browneyedgirl90 By  Browneyedgirl90    

    This cereal is a favorite in my house. Affordable and delicious.

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  • tdalton83 By  tdalton83    

    Love Malt-O-Meal

    My husband loves this cereal and it's Malt-o-Meal so you know you're getting a great deal.

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  • couponingcarla By  couponingcarla    

    sweet puffs

    loved sweet puffs had 2 bowls they taste just right

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  • JennyB01 By  JennyB01    

    Must Have for Breakfast OR Just a Snack

    A must in my house for Breakfast or Just a Tasty Snack!! Absolutely Love this Cereal!

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  • histeph By  histeph    

    I love that these cereals are so much cheaper but taste just like the name brands. As a child I would have been so mad if my mom bought the generic stuff. Now it is all I buy! It saves me money and my kids love it!

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  • nafeza2526 By  nafeza2526    

    "Golden puffs is a delicious cereal to with with milk. Its tasty without excess sugar. perfect for me."

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  • ogeezitsmandy By  ogeezitsmandy    

    Love it!

    My whole family loves this cereal! You can't beat the price for the amount you get when you buy the bag!

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  • mamof191 By  mamof191    

    Delicious and nutritious

    I love these and so does my family. I love the resealable bag. It makes it so much easier.

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  • Coreynme1998 By  Coreynme1998    

    This is a family staple! The price is great as well as the taste!

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  • Justagirl123 By  Justagirl123    

    Golden Puffs are not my favorite but my son loves this cereal. I always got to keep a box in the house for him. It's also at an affordable price.

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  • meAlinaandI By  meAlinaandI    

    I love this Cereal! Good taste and super low price!

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  • Beautifuldisaster30 By  Beautifuldisaster30    

    We keep these in the house my kids love them, it's one of their favorites

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  • j92311 By  j92311    

    I like that it is a big package for a reasonable prece. The kids & I love the flavor, sometimes preferring it over aname brand cereals

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