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  • styletracker By  styletracker    

    I want to share a great discovery ? Malibu Gourmet Food?s New England Clam Chowder. I needed to find something quick and healthy to make for dinner. The challenge is that my boyfriend was just put on a doctor-ordered, low-sodium diet. He dreaded having to eat anything bland, canned, and tasteless. When I read the ingredients and how easy this clam chowder - in its own self-serve pouch - was to prepare (2 minutes in the microwave), I grabbed two at the grocer (Bob?s Market in Santa Monica). The best clam chowder we?ve had ? tasty broth loaded with clams, potatoes! His first comment was, ?What is this? Did you get it from a restaurant?? Enough said. Love the fact that I can stock up and always know we?ll have restaurant-quality clam chowder anytime, without going out. He took the other pouch to work the next morning. Malibu Gourmet Food?s Clam Chowder for lunch! No need to refrigerate it ? he just popped it into the office microwave. After I checked their website , was happy to know I can just reorder it online.


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