Makeup that Won't Melt

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Makeup that Won't Melt

Melting, sliding makeup is NOT the look we’re aiming for, clearly. But that’s often the sad result after a long day. Add in some heat, humidity or stress and the fresh face you wore when you left home winds up a shiny, clumping disaster by noontime.

Skindinavia’s finishing sprays can put an end to the makeup meltdown. Created by Allen Goldman, these sprays set your makeup to keep it looking flawless all day long. Just a few spritzes will do the trick. The secret is in the surface-cooling technology, which draws heat from the surface of your skin and prevents makeup from sliding into your pores, wrinkles or blemishes. Skindinavia’s 10 Years Younger formula works to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and it contains six moisturizers to combat dry, powdery makeup. There’s also No More Shine, which is designed to provide a matte finish and control shine on oily and combination skin.

Professional makeup artists are big fans of Skindinavia’s sprays, particularly for actors subjected to hot lights and long days. The product recently won Bride Magazine’s 2010 Beauty Award in the makeup category. But it’s not just for the pros. “It keeps your makeup on and looking fresh all day,” says Ashley Lojko, who wrote to tell us about Skindinavia. Our own Kate McLeod, who used Skindinavia at a special wedding she attended, looks terrific (shown here with her daughters).


So…on life’s daily stage, this little spritzer is the perfect supporting prop.

Do you have difficulty keeping your makeup fresh?

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  • Kristi By Kristi

    Products like this always make my face break out and they really don't seem to do that great of job. Plus, they are very expensive!

  • luckycharm04 By luckycharm04

    i have to try this product!

  • anoolicious By anoolicious

    i use the smashbox primer, the clear one, before putting on foundation yet it only lasts to hours maybe i should give this a try

  • devdevobrien By devdevobrien

    I Have to buy this after seeing this. I will let you know my feedback!!!

  • amanda-tv By amanda-tv

    I already use a primer from Mac (love It) but sometimes the warmer weather a humidity will always mess up the make up this product sounds good i must try !!!!

  • shelly_noble24 By shelly_noble24

    i hate when i go out in the warmer weather or am in a warm car for a long time with is always messing lipstick will melt some so will other things.i wish makeup didnt do that so bad but iv never found one that doesnt

  • tiamia By tiamia

    setting your foundation is great! i usually only put foundation on the areas of my face that are having issues and those areas are typically my Tzone... as I'm gettig older its getting more red! gotta love hormones.

  • musicmomma By musicmomma

    I just use a tinted moisturizer. I'm a stay-at-home I don't tend to go all out with my makeup these days.

  • eldapc11 By eldapc11

    I like to use a foundation primer, it does help. My makeup won't run and it wont set in my smile lines. I have used some finishing sprays. I have used one by sephora it was about $12. I currently use one by The Body Shop. It's made from rose water and vitamin E. I love it, it cools and it smells great. It too was about $12. I have heard about model in a bottle, I saw it at Planet Beauty for about $20.

  • mardel By mardel

    I have seen reviews on this product and I am still skeptical! I would still love to try!! I would love to get a sample!

  • toxic7098 By toxic7098

    i wo uld love to try this product... how do i get free samples...

  • Chinkyvi By Chinkyvi

    I LOVE this product! I sweat a lot, and when I heard about this I had to try it. I spray it on before and after. I dont wear moisturizer if Im wearing this, it sets light and it gives you a little bit of moisture. (but dont forget your spf!) I love it I carry it in my purse its great.

  • ashelyluvu By ashelyluvu

    I'm a young college girl an my friends and I are in school up to 10 hrs a day sometimes more and we dont have time to freshen up in between classes and this would be good for us i would love to try this and tell my college girls about it :D

  • Bailey76 By Bailey76

    Where can you get model in a bottle? My make-up melts off during the summer.

  • paggie88 By paggie88

    This product is out of my price range and for many other people as well. I am currently using model in a bottle, a cheaper and better setting spray. You guys should give it a try if this skindinavia's spray does not work for you.

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