Make Fresh-Cut Flowers Last Longer - From #SheSpeaksTV

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 22, 2015

Give your flowers a boost with these surprising tips to make your fresh-cut blooms last even longer. SheSpeaksTV contributer and lifestyle expert, Jill Urban, shares two ways to perk-up flowers using things you might already have on-hand. 

Question: Do you have any tips on how to keep fresh-cut flowers last?

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debtmomof3 by debtmomof3 | Kent, OH
Jun 29, 2015

I remove any leaves from below the water line, they can tend to turn the water murky and I trim 1/2 an inch off the ends of the flowers at a sharp angle every 2 days and freshen up the water (and add more aspirin each time or the preservative that comes with fresh cut flowers) Trimmed flowers absorb the water better and I have had flowers last up to 2 weeks if you tend to them regularly (which is worth the time when they are so pretty and expensive). I will definitely have to try the vodka trick, I've never heard that one before and roses tend to droop so quickly!

kelly_canales by kelly_canales | LOS ANGELES, CA
Jun 22, 2015

Great reason to have a cocktail, love this!