Mainstays Apple Corer

Mainstays Apple Corer

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Apple corers are not for every apple, but this one at least holds up to the constant pushing and pulling on it. Bought this one after my other broke easily. I like that the blades are below the handles so it's not all one level, although that does make storing quite a feat. I have to move stuff around in my drawers to fit it in. If you don't have enough space in your kitchen just go with a knife.

I really love this apple corer because it is easy to use and produces eight finely sliced apple pieces that are perfect for snacking. I love that it has a great grip on the handle so your hands won't slip and after slicing, it is easy to throw the core away. This preps apples for snacking and eating or the slices are easy to cut for pies and salads.

As far as regular apple slicers go, this product is just another duck in the pond. It gives you 8 apple slices, plus pops out the core, but what I've come to realize is how hard it actually is to use one of these things. For instance, if the apple is a bit lopsided, you have to really watch how you cut if you want even slices. Even though I really like the idea of this particular product, what I don't like is how after everything's been sliced, you still have to slice parts of the core off the individual slices. I save time and frustration by cutting apples myself.