Maia  Yogurt

Maia Yogurt

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Maia yogurt is my absolute favorite yogurt! It has all of the probiotics, proteins and vitamins that my family and I need. Once my family tried Maia we all became hooked, even my young, hard to please children. As a working, pregnant women I do not think I would make it through the day without my Maia yogurt. The variety of flavors are all truly delicious. Every family needs to introduce Maia into their lives!

If you're a health conscious woman who loves yogurt (like me), you've got to try this new one. Seriously, it will change your life. This Greek-style yogurt has 10x the probiotics of any other yogurt! I eat Maia every day, and I'm not kidding I feel more energized, tummy troubles at a minimum, and it's DELICIOUS. I attribute by well-being to this Maia Miracle. You can tell that the milk they use is from grass-fed cows (hormone free too). It's only got 2 added grams of sugar in each cup too, so it's not too sweet and is perfect for those of us watching our sugar intake. There is nothing like it! I highly recommend this to everyone, and I truly believe in the benefits of probiotics. Enjoy!