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    wasnt to great on calls any where

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  • cottonpickincute By  cottonpickincute    

    We've used Magic Jack for years. Actually we purchased it as soon as it came out. We bought it out of neccessity to save money. We really suffered with Magic Jack those first years. Horrible phone connections that I'm sure convinced others not to buy Magic Jack. Even though there were times that we didn't think it was the greatest value for the money, we stayed with it out of neccessity. If you add the amout of money we've saved over the years, it's pretty impressive. Best of all over these years, the changes have come and the product has improved. We're much happier with it. Using the internet does interfer with the phone and we avoid doing both at the same time. My sister even bought it years ago, went back to traditional phone connection and is back wit Majic Jack Plus now.

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  • sykick By  sykick    

    Absolutely love this! I love how it can travel anywhere in the world and allow "local" calls to anywhere in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This is perfect if you're a traveling salesperson or in the military and want/need a way to contact people at your home/home-base. My father uses this for his business, and even was able to get a CUSTOM phone number for very little. The no-contract operation and low cost of a year's use makes this absolutely perfect if you want a home phone (have internet), but don't want a large monthly bill, especially if you like to make long-distance calls.

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    No regrets, would do it all over again if I had to go back in time. Wish we'd done it sooner.

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  • w2005blc By  w2005blc    

    I just purchased this since I got rid of my home phone years ago. I am impressed that it works as well as it does expecially for the price. It is super simple to install and I love that there is no extra charge for long distance service. I have noticed that you need to reset your router every now and then if you can't get a dial tone.

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    I am going to tell you something about this. First of all it is the best and for only 19.95 a year it is well worth it. Very clear and you can call anywhere in the USA. My parents finally got it and they love it as well and they been telling all their friends as well as myself telling everyone....great item.....saves money....and you are not in a contract.....

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  • winglesssmith By  winglesssmith    

    Not the best, Quality isn't good at all. Some times it was hard to hear what the other person was saying at all and when you could hear there was either an echo or the person sounded like they were in a well. Of course the yearly price is nice and if you didn't have any other phone line or cellphone it would be alright. I eventually tried out and still using Skype. I prefer it a lot more over Magic Jack. Magic Jack just wasn't for me.

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  • danar63 By  danar63    

    I might try it for a back up phone. I have my cell and no land line and this might be a great way to have a phone for that just in case. Thanks for the reviews.

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  • Dukester By  Dukester    

    We just bought this last month in an effort to save on our bills. So far the quality is good we don't even notice a difference. The down side is that we had to get a new phone number.

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  • elliemay1229 By  elliemay1229    

    We bought one a couple of years ago, in an effort to cut back on our bills. It honestly wasn't worth the $30. I just spent $6 on a web cam and now use Skype.

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  • julie_christie By  julie_christie    

    I purchased Magic Jack for my husband over in Afghanistan. Although the connection is not the greatest, the calls drop every 5 or 6 minutes, but that is due to the internet connection where he is located not the Magic Jack. It is a much better and cheaper way for him to call home and for us to call him. Since he was able to pick any number he wanted so it is a local call for me to call him. It was also great when he was coming home on leave he used it in all the countries and cities he stopped in to call me and let me know he was okay. As long as there is an internet connection calls can be placed and recieved. It is great i highly recommend this item!!!

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  • craftymomo By  craftymomo    

    Price: unbelievably wonderfull. Quality: not so much (for me, at least). I used this in Indianapolis and it was almost impossible to use. I'm not sure if perhaps my DSL was not good enough or what, but I quit using it for the most part. I couldn't even call my sister-in-law who lived a 15 min. walk away.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    My husband used one of these to call me when he was in Afghanistan. The quality is not the best, but for a country without a communications network no where near what ours is in the US, I have to say it performed admirably. Calls do get dropped and there is a weird echo where you hear what you just said as it comes across the line to the other person. Compared to the money AT&T would have charged us per minute, this little gadget rocks.

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  • allbright2010 By  allbright2010    

    one of the simplest investments to make, I own it and I try to influence friends,& co-workers....BUT>?????? some people are scared of CHANGE.

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  • tererob By  tererob    

    I have actually not had such a great experience with it. The calls were very choppy and often dropped. Also, the computer is not always on, but for the price, it is pretty great.

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