Magic Bullet Bullet Express Meal Maker Trio

Magic Bullet Bullet Express Meal Maker Trio

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I bought this product because it was said to replace all those other appliances that clutter your counter top. I had the original Magic Bullet and found it to be a decent product so I thought this would be as well. After purchasing it I immediately donated my blender and food processor-I now wish that I hadn't. As a blender it will always leave chunks in the bottom of my smoothies or protein shakes. No matter how much I pulse it and how long I blend it, and how many different combinations of pulsing and blending I do-there are ALWAYS chunks! When used to blend home made soup to make it smooth if I filled the blender more than 1/3 of the capacity the blending was so powerful that it would lift the lid up a millimetre (even though it has those fancy clasps on the side to keep the lid on) and soup would fly out every where and spray my entire kitchen-nice. As a food processor it, well, you can't even call it a replacement for a food processor because it's not. When making a dip or cheesecake or any kind of mixture it just flings the mix to the walls of the container while the blades spin around unable to reach the mix that is now clinging to the sides. I just end up scraping it out and mixing it with my hand mixer instead. The juicer is good, but does give some resistance with every 5th orange or so, for no reason-so make sure to bring some muscle to jam it down! I am terribly disappointed with this product, and wish that I could get my old blender and food processor back :(

I purchased this product a few years ago because I saw the Infommercial on TV and it sounded like a really good kitchen gadget. I love to cook so I thought I'd use this often. When I first purchased it, I used the juicer a lot. I tried the other attachments and the end result was never like they showed on TV. I haven't used it in over 2 years now. It just sits in my cabinet. I tried making all sorts of foods on it and it just didnt' work like they say it does. It was a waste of money.

It's so hit and miss. I love my Magic Bullet for things like smoothies, coffee drinks, soups (oh goodness, the ones in the recipe book are really fantastic!!)..... but it really fails at anything that gets too think (hummus, sweet potatoes) or when the cup isn't very full. I have tried using it to make baby food, and I find that I really need to have the cup pretty full or it will not puree well enough for my baby to handle it. (Yes, my baby is old enough for food -- 9 months -- but today I gave him green beans I'd pureed in the Magic Bullet, and they weren't broken down enough.) What the Bullet does well, it really does well! But where it fails, it fails miserably.

I actually own 2 Magic Bullets. The original one and the batter operated one. I would not recommend the purchase of the battery operated one. It seems like it needs to be charged after each use. However, the original Magic Bullet is a gem. It is used every day in my home. I can get my kids to drink smoothies every day and I am very creative. I add, fresh fruit, applesauce, vegetables, and cinnamon. I also make some with yogurt and milk, they think it's a milkshake. I also make fresh salsa, chicken salads. Everything is so fresh and tastes great.

I love my Magic Bullet! I have the basic model. I use it every day to make the easiest and quickest smoothies. Any combination of frozen fruit (or fresh fruit and ice), a bit of yogurt, or almond milk. The possibilities are endless. I also use it a lot to make fresh bread crumbs, salsa, or to quickly chop onions, celery, etc. It's so easy to use and clean up is a breeze. I have also used it make shredded cheese as well as whipped cream. Both have turned out great. As far as the machine I have, I would recommend it. I don't have all the attachments listed above, but as far as the basics of Magic Bullet, it was money well spent.

not worth the money or investment

This is definitely our go to kitchen gadget. It's so easy and fast to use that my daughter (10 years old), uses it to whip up smoothies quite often. We have had ours for about seven years now without fail. It still works as great as the first day we used it. I cannot live without this product in our kitchen, it just makes everything easier. You can use it for just about any recipe. I also liked that it came with a recipe book with great food ideas. A family favorite at our house!

This product is excellent for smoothies! I don't think it does a great job on salsa though as it advertises in the infomercials. It is very difficult to not turn it into mush. I would likely not use it for much else than smoothies or soup. Bed Bath and Beyond has this product cheaper than any other place and you can use a 20% off coupon if you have one.

I love this product! So easy to make smoothies and drink them on the run and not have to worry about cleaning an extra item, the blender is my cup! I have yet to try it for making salsa and other things, but I will and I am sure it will work great!

I have the basic magic bullet which I love! I make smoothies in it daily and like GoldenDelicious I also make whipped cream. I've made several soups in it and also dip. I don't think its good for chopping veggies. It is good as a blender. I have had mine for 2 years now and one of the blades broke. I called customer service and they sent me a replacement blade for $9 - which to me was awesome because I didn't want to have to buy a whole new machine just for the one part.

I don't have all of the attachments listed on here, but I really like my magic bullet. I actually just finished making whipped cream to go with a fresh pie. The whipped cream and magic bullet were both hits with all my guests. It is perfect to use if you are trying to do any form of a smoothie diet.

This handy kitchen machine doesn't do all that the infomercial's offer. I am completly dissatisfied with the product and their customer service was horrible. When you shred something if you don't push it through at the right speed it destroys your ingriedients. It claims that you can slice your pizza toppings and then hold the tray up to the shoot and it will put it right onto your pan. Be careful because it will be all over your kitchen. Shredded cheese is hard to clean up when it's shot all over your kitchen.