Maggie Stiefvater Shiver

Maggie Stiefvater Shiver

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Awesome book with a realistic feel. The main character deals with a lot of the issues associated with growing up as well as the added bit of fantasy. There's lots of romance, adventure, and humor. I actually laughed out loud!

This book was well planned, great story, loved the characters as soon as I met them. They seemed so real, like they shouldn't just be on paper. The words are so graphic (in a good way!) and detailed, from every smell, to every sound, to every detail of a character's face. I could definitely curl up by the fire and reread this book over and over again. The ending really made the book seem like the characters had had their stories completely told. Some things to keep in mind about this book is that every chapter switches from Grace's point of view to Sam's and then back again. I think this is an interesting writing style, not confusing at all!!