Maggie Moo's Ice Cream

Maggie Moo's Ice Cream

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One of the Best! My family and I are big Maggie Moo's fans! They have so many great flavors to choose from. I think the consistency of their ice cream is perfect and it is so creamy. Such a treat when we go!

Maggie Moo's is delicious and a very special treat! I too, find the prices a bit steep, but a wonderful splurge on a hot day!

I've only been here once but it was SO GOOD!!

Love maggie moo's icecream.

Maggie Moo's is good!! A little on the high price side, But good. I know of a better place Uncle Wiggly's in Baltimore MD, Great Ice Cream. Such as Toasted Coconut, Pumpkin Pie. Key lime Pie. That is just a few to name. Good price's. Try it if you are in the Baltimore area.

I love Maggie Moo's ice cream! Their pistachio and banana ice creams are my favorite starters for adding in all sorts of yummy things.

Maggie Moo's is a great ice cream shop, very good ice cream and it is also fun for the kids when you go into one of their stores!

I love Maggie Moos! It is such a fun place and the ice cream is so so flavorful! My favorite is the cake batter. The flavors are spot on and they also use local dairy milk at my location.

The ice cream is to die for!! My favorite is the Cotton Candy ice cream with marshmellows and m and m's. I think i'm going to have to run to Maggie Moos now. YUM

Maggie Moo's ice cream is delicious but a little pricey. I only go here for a special treat a few times a year.

i love maggie moo's. only go here when i have a good coupon. they are a little pricey.

We have a Maggie Moo's here, I like the ice cream, but it is expensive.

wow this ice cream is really nice and my all familys favorite also it has creamy and smooth tecture its really mouth watering.

Over the Christmas holidays, I got the best flavor at Maggie Moo's... peppermint. It had yummy chunks of gooey peppermint. Boy, I wish they offered it every day!

I love love LOVE Maggie Moo's! My family usually goes about twice a month. We all have our rotating favorites. I get carrot cake with Teddy Grahams added in....Unless I get the mint and dark chocolate mixed together with brownies added in. My daughter is a faithful Strawberry Skydive fan. My son likes whichever flavor has the brightest colors. Because the servings are so large and we live about 30 miles from the nearest store, normally we will order our flavor of the moment by the pint so we can take it home and enjoy at our leisure. The ice cream is always excellent as well as the service. One of our favorite family treats!