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  • kjhwriter By  kjhwriter    

    Prevention is my favorite health magazine. I just bought their Eat Glean Guide and love it. You always learn so much from Prevention.

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  • drown22 By  drown22    

    I really enjoy this each month, it will tell you about which foods will help you lose weight, sleep, boost your energy.

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  • cowboyswife By  cowboyswife    

    This has a lot of great information to help contribute to your health. I enjoy reading this magazine and the great resources and research behind it.

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  • saharnoori1 By  saharnoori1    

    good if u dont know much abt nutrition

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  • Lorisa By  Lorisa    

    I do pick this magazine up monthly. I did stop for a short while because it became repetitive with soooo many ads. Overall I am back and I usually do learn at least one new thing from iy.

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  • Tiffany02809 By  Tiffany02809    

    This magazine has not information, it is all ads for medications. Don't buy it, it is not worth it at all. Not enough content to be a good value. I would give it no stars but I think i have to give it at least one.

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  • piaspeaks By  piaspeaks    

    Very good magazine I love to read and the gives you great advice on ways to improve your lifestyle. Sometimes I find the stories don't really relate to me though so I have to skip over several of them.

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  • ls1426 By  ls1426    

    Thank you for the subscription to Prevention. I pass this on to other family members when I'm done reading it!

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  • atteoj By  atteoj    

    I just find this magazine to be chock full of most health magazines, and so I thumbed through it, didn't find anything interesting, and tossed it.

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  • your1chef By  your1chef    

    I enjoyed getting this magazine. I haven't bought or looked at it for many years. It was great to get reacquainted. Plus I adore Alison Sweeney on the cover.

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  • Dragonfly786 By  Dragonfly786    

    This is not a magazine I would ordinarily subscribe to but for the next year will read and see what I can learn to help better my overall eating habits while gaining some exercise tips to work on daily....

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  • rebeccamarietta By  rebeccamarietta    

    Prevention is a great magazine with tons of good articles and tips. This subscription is great!

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  • amazey By  amazey    

    I am not much into fitness and healthy eating but this did have some good articles. I should probably read it more often.

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  • lisatarvin By  lisatarvin    

    Something very different for the Cravebox this month was the Prevention magazine subscription. I like the magazine and will enjoy my free subscription. I wish we could have been given the option for a digital subscrition that we could get on our tablets or Kindles. This would have been great for the environment as well.

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  • LinaFunk By  LinaFunk    

    This is by far the best mag subscription I have. Prevention mag should be in everyones' home. it makes me on my toes on how to be healthy, is inspiring, gives me new ideas, and is creative in their approach to good health without being boring. A good gift mag for elderly friends and family too!

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