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  • Eprosper22 By  Eprosper22    

    Best stroller

    I got my first one as a gift and absolutely loved it. When I had my next baby I made sure I got a new one. Been passed down from 8 years ago lol. You don?t be disappointed

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  • Montap2 By  Montap2    

    As my maternity time with9 children I need a light stroller for when I go to the doctor with my toddler this stroller has been a life saver is lightweight to close is kind of tricky at first but you get the hang of it the reclining does not reclines fully but is ok for a short trip the canopy is short does not extends. But i like it.

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  • Artisticnic By  Artisticnic    

    Great stroller

    This was our first stroller and we loved it. Perfect for family with one child. Comfortable and good for city usage.

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  • HippieMommy By  HippieMommy    

    Lightweight stroller

    I absolutely love this stroller. It is lightweight, compact, and super easy to fold. It is very easy to maneuver. I like that it has straps that go over my son's shoulders too. It helped him sit up when he was too little too. He has rode around in it since he was 4 months old! He really enjoys riding in his stroller.

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  • Smartz24 By  Smartz24    

    I loved this stoller it was lightweight . Easy to store in any car , id even take it int the bus with me . Made traveling an easy experiance. The only reason i give it 4 stars and mot 5 is because the storrage net was very small only carries a few items .

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  • cjmommy84 By  cjmommy84    

    i had this stroller in pink it was my fave stroller ever it was light folded pretty compact and it turned really well i would recommend this stroller to everyone

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  • megmon31 By  megmon31    

    Great stroller for the price, only downfall, no front tray and not always easy to fold and unfold.

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  • JenSchwieb By  JenSchwieb    

    I love my Maclaren Triumph! I bought this shortly before a family trip to Disney World in 2008. At the time I had a 4 year old and a 10 month old, and I loved that the stroller worked for both kids. It has a higher weight limit than a lot of other strollers, giving it a longer time we can use this. It folds up compactly, its lightweight, it has a canopy and a small basket...all things I was looking for! I also bought one of those universal organizers that you can velcro to the handles and it makes this stroller even better!! Now it also has more storage and cupholders!

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  • lida01lt By  lida01lt    

    I had it since my daughter was about 4-6 months and I love it. She is almost 4 years now and we still use it for her naps sometimes or for longer walks. Love the reclyning positions. Since it is very lightweight, flips over easily if you hang something on the handles. My daughter flipped over once as she was not sitting still and leaned more towards the back, but it was kind of our mistake as it happened in a split second and we did not think of it...

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  • jerseygirl1 By  jerseygirl1    

    I really like this stroller. It is easy to maneuver, comfy for my son and light to get in and out of the car. I only wish the basket was a little bigger and more easily accessible.

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  • lindseyweger By  lindseyweger    

    I have one, and I LOOOOVE it!

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  • juicygirl By  juicygirl    

    My son is 2 and seems to be too tall (he's 40 " tall) for this stroller. He is constantly putting his feet on the ground and stopping the stroller or is uncomfortable in the short seat. Its a great stroller all round, just not good for a really tall 2 year old.

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