Mac Users See Less Bargain For Their Summer Travel Buck

   By drodriguez  Jun 30, 2012

Finding the best deals on your summer travel can be quite an undertaking, but if you happen to be surfing the web for hotel deals using your Mac computer you may have an even more difficult time booking the bottomline.

The Wall Street Journal reports about a practice that Orbitz Worldwide now has in place that shows Apple Mac users the higher end more costly option when it comes to travel plans. Since research has shown that Mac users typically spend 30 percent more a night on hotels, Orbitz is currently the only travel site attempting to cash in on the data and offering what they think Mac users will spend for fancier digs.

At first glace this may seem unfair, but Orbitz points out that it is not offering the same hotel room for different prices based on whether you are using a Mac or PC.

However, they are offering higher end hotels to Mac users based on the data showing Mac users will generally spend between $20 and $30 more a night on a hotel than a PC user. Research has also found that Mac users are 40% more likely to book 4 and 5-star hotels tha PC users.

Orbitz officials admit the effort to offer travel options based on the computer a person uses is in the beginning stages and are unsure if it will make a big difference in sales. But as research has proven in the past, Mac users are generally bigger spenders than PC users across the board and make an average household income of $98, 560 compared to PC owner’s $74,452.

What do you think of Orbit’s new practice that offers the costlier high end hotels to Apple Mac users?

Do you think this is a fair practice or should PC and Mac users see the same travel options the site has to offer?

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lindsey164 by lindsey164 | N RIDGEVILLE, OH
Jul 02, 2012

This is interesting. I think it is ok because you can still find the star level you want.

MrsGeisendorfer by MrsGeisendorfer | Hannibal, MO
Jul 02, 2012

WOW! That makes me sad! I was given a Mac as a gift and not a purchase, to know that people are trying to sell me different products based on the computer I am on?! Wow!

clare2501 by clare2501 | Manchester, OU
Jul 01, 2012

I think that everyone should be offered the same, I own a mac and i am not a high spender Its unfair to stereotype everybody on by computer they have