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  • alleviara By  alleviara    

    Everything you could want in an eyeliner

    Creamy, smooth, and pigmented. Looks great all day!

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  • tlynn8 By  tlynn8    


    this liner is one of my favorite dip liners. i can always count on MAC when it comes to their eye products!

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  • Hallowsoverhorcruxes By  Hallowsoverhorcruxes    

    Blacktrack Clapback

    I have always been terrible at liquid liner. No matter the applicator I could never get it in a straight line, nor could I get it in a fine line. As a girl I used to sit at my window and daydream about the perfect cat eye that I would never have. That is, until I met the liner of my dreams, Blacktrack. I was afraid to try it at first, what if it was like all the ones before? And could I, a non artistic person, actually draw on liner with a brush?! YES I CAN. Not only do I have the hottest winged liner but Blacktrack single handedly changed my whole liner game. Changed. The. Game.

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  • Nabiyazaki By  Nabiyazaki    

    Hands down my favorite gel liner. It's so easy to apply. Doesn't smudge love it

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  • Aaliyahduclos21 By  Aaliyahduclos21    

    Love this product ! Comes out great And lasts long

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  • dlosoya By  dlosoya    

    This eyeliner is the best because it doesn't come off when you yawn and your eyes get all watery

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  • Lesleykh By  Lesleykh    

    This is a great product, sure it dries out quick but heat it up in the microwave for 5secs and you have it back to life! Love that the application goes on well and stays on!

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  • Aly112 By  Aly112    

    At first I loved this eyeliner. It was holy grail to me just really starting out with makeup, but sadly not even 3 months in and it was a dried out, clumped up, faded mess. My Maybelline gel liner is still in better condition 6 months in.

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  • Wendyv_90 By  Wendyv_90    

    Obsession. Love the cat eye look and this does the most amazing cat eye and other types of looks.

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  • divine_dare By  divine_dare    

    Very easy to apply and absolutely love how it applies to the eyes it also doesn't smudge as badly as the other ones but it is amazing.

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  • Itstinkerbell By  Itstinkerbell    

    This is , to me, the first of the pot eyeliners. This is the product others aspire to be. It's smooth, easy to move and deeply pigmented.

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  • RemoveAccount By  RemoveAccount    

    MAC's Fluidline black track is jet black and stays on all day without smudging or flaking. When applied with a proper tool, you can get a very fine precision line that is beautiful with a smokey eye look. The pod is sleek that the product is stored in and the product will stay moist and usable for a long time if the lid is kept on tight. While MAC products are not the most expensive, they are not the least either and I think they provide an excellent value for a mid priced cosmetic. They remain contemporary and innovative and the fluid line has been a long time favorite for many users, including myself.

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  • jocelyn1430 By  jocelyn1430    

    Love it! Glides on so smooth leaves a flawless look

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  • SarahBH By  SarahBH    

    Eyeliner that is easy to apply no matter which style you choose! Easy to control. Color stays consistent and stays put! Love this!

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  • Tamiramichelle By  Tamiramichelle    

    This jar needs to remain closed completely while not being used or it will dry out QUICK. They are expensive, but for a good quality liner pot that's what we're all willing to pay. This product is as good as the brush you use to apply it with. You use an old stiff brush you wont have a good outcome, you need to buy a very sharp angle eyeliner brush, MAC sells the best one you could pair with it. FAB.

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