SHESPEAKS Your Power to Influence

Here are some suggestions from the eyeslipsface team to help you plan ahead and execute a fun, flawless party. Be sure to put on your best e.l.f face and greet your guests wearing your favorite products…showcasing your own look will be a great party-starter.


ONE WEEK before your party

·       Plan your menu.  Finger foods will enable your guests to nibble between applications. Think crudite, cheese cubes and mini hors d’œuvres. Keep beverages light in color. Flavored or sparkling water and elf-tinis are good choices. Visit for the recipe and more menu suggestions.  We advise you to have all your party foods and accoutrements (including extra cotton balls and mascara applicators) purchased a few days before your party so that you have ample time to set up.  You may also want to borrow extra hand mirrors and or seating for your guests to use. 


TWO DAYS before your party

·       Sit down with all the e.l.f. products and unwrap them as you watch the e.l.f.  8 minute DVD. Allow 20 minutes for unwrapping and 10 minutes for set up. You’ll want to remove all the outer packaging and open the compacts to take out the plastic overlays.  This is a good time to charge the batteries in your flipcam, digital camera or video camera.


The DAY OF your party

·       A few hours before your party, pop the DVD into the player and set up the makeup according to the suggested diagram.  You may want to use a few small containers, such as short drinking glasses, to hold the cotton balls, brushes and other applicators.  Lay out extra handheld mirrors and set up your laptop so it’s handy for surfing

·       As guests arrive, offer snacks and drinks. Ask them to complete the sign-in sheet provided.  This is the cocktail hour of your party. Show them the makeup display and let them look it over, but don’t start experimenting just yet. If guests arrive wearing makeup, offer them makeup remover wipes—and be sure to snap “before” photos of each friend!

·       When all your guests have arrived and are settled in with food and drinks, have them gather around to watch the e.l.f. DVD and learn tips from Achelle.  Hand out the e.l.f. look sheets and pencils beforehand so they can take notes.

·        After the DVD viewing, let the makeovers begin! As the hostess, you can pick one friend to focus on as your makeover subject, or you might suggest that the girls buddy up to help each other.   

·       Encourage your friends to try different looks, and colors or products they might not normally wear.  We’ve included several packages of makeup remover sheets so they can easily try numerous colors and formulations.  Be sure and take lots of photos, especially once they find the look they love.

·       Please share the bounty of e.l.f. products with your guests. Here’s a suggestion on how to decide who gets what: 

o      Use the sign-in sheet as the order for sharing the e.l.f. products

o      Try numbering the nail polish bottles (with nail polish wands) 1-10 and have your friends each choose one during the course of the party. At the end of the night, the woman with bottle #1 makes her first choice of e.l.f. to take home, the woman with ticket #2 makes the next choice etc. 

o      No matter what method works for you, try and have your guests refrain from “claiming” their samples until everyone has had a chance to try all the products.   


As your guests leave

·       Make sure you’ve taken their “after” shot.

·       Thank them for coming and be sure they have their goody bag!


Want to take your gathering to the next level? 

Consider the following suggestions to turn your party into one of e.l.f.’s  ELITE MUAH parties:

·       Invite a local makeup artist to help you.  Visit (what website) or call a local cosmetology school to see if someone would like to come help you and your friends.   Visit for some sample language you might use to invite them – explaining how they can receive a gift direct from e.l.f. in exchange for offering assistance at your party.

·       Find a local photographer to help increase the glam factor of your before and after shots.

·        Schedule a snazl on your blog during your MUAH party and upload photo and video as you go. Or use Whrrl 2.0 to keep a fun record of your event .

Use the hashtag #MUAH as you and your guests Tweet.