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  • Mamatoike By  Mamatoike    

    I love (new name)! I try to play alittle every day. So far I have gotten a Kitchenaid mixer... the best prize in my book ;), a food processer, a tool set, a pedometer and I have donated a bunch to charities and schools in my area. They do get new games too every now and then.

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  • shellgirl1961 By  shellgirl1961    

    I like to play on Live Search Club. There are times that I have had some technical difficulties and had to shut my computer down. I think it is a wonderful way to win prizes and donate to charities.

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  • dcharmingone By  dcharmingone    

    I have tried this site for a couple of weeks now, and I am not very intrested with the games they have.

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