MJSI HydroRight Dual Flush Converter

MJSI HydroRight Dual Flush Converter

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The HydroRight dual flush converter allows you to convert a standard older toilet into a dual flush toilet to save water. The unit replaces both the flapper valve and flush handle. For liquid and tissue waste, you push one half of the button that replaces the flush handle, and the unit flushes with 70% less water than before. For solid waste, you push the other half of the button, and the unit flushes with the full amount of water. The unit works exactly as promised. It took less than ten minutes to remove the old flapper valve and flush handle and install the HydroRight unit. The big problem we ran into, however, is that the buttons are too stiff for young children to push to flush the toilet. An elderly visitor also found the buttons too stiff to push without causing severe pain. That meant that the able-bodied adults ended up having to go in and flush the toilet every time the young or the elderly went to use the toilet--an unpleasant and embarassing situation. A message sent to the company asking for any help with adjusting the push effort for the buttons went completely ignored. We removed the HydroRight and reinstalled the old flapper and standard flush handle. So, we're out $25 for a flush valve that we cannot use in our home. For making a unique product that does really convert a standard toilet into a dual flush toilet to save thousands of gallons of water a year, I started out giving them five stars. For not considering when designing this item that everyone from small children to the elderly uses the toilet and thus wil need to be able to use this product, I took away one star. For completely ignoring a customer inquiry about this design problem, I took away another two stars. If your household consists of only able-bodied adults, and you never need customer service, the HydroRight may work for you. For all other households, I would not ever recommend the HydroRight.