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  • saleago By  saleago    

    Absolutely love it!

    This is one of the best Christmas movies ever. Fun and had me laughing to tears!

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  • Shycat45 By  Shycat45    

    Holiday Classic

    This is a holiday must see every year never gets old the whole family will enjoy this one must see

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  • gg2manpa By  gg2manpa    


    It runs all Christmas day for the last 10 yrs at least. We love it!

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  • njf288 By  njf288    

    great for the family

    Love this movie its funny , great for christmas and the whole family . Ralphie is funny and the father really makes this movie with his leg lamp. A family we all love and hold close for christmas

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  • DewGirl By  DewGirl    

    It's not Christmas without it....

    A true classic! The best Christmas movie ever! Love the storyline and characters...Ralphie is the best!

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  • darkgoddess718 By  darkgoddess718    

    Family movie classic

    A classic movie that everyone should have watched at least once in their life. Young and old will love this classic that airs every Christmas on TV. You don't need to wait until Christmas to watch this. This is a fun family movie year round.

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  • Kellirj By  Kellirj    

    One of my favorites

    One of my favorite Holiday shows. I watch it every year for hours on end. It is about a boy named Ralphie who dreams of getting BB gun. Throughout the show he goes through several people to try to get this ultimate gift. It is a funny story and slowly became a classic.

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  • Brookep696 By  Brookep696    

    Love it

    Such a classic Christmas movie, is a must watch every year! My family and I love it and catch ourselves quoting it all of the time

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  • Archie By  Archie    

    Fun for the family

    The best Christmas movie ever. It has something for the whole family. It can be watched and enjoyed at different levels, something for the kids to laugh at, but the adults will take the scene a diyway and it?s just as humorous to them as well. This movie should be watched every Christmas.

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  • Neeners By  Neeners    

    This is my all time favorite Christmas movie. While I have great fondness for all the animated shows that air during the holidays, there's something about this story, the narration, the great cast, that is both nostalgic and timeless. My dad grew up in the time before TV so I think Ralphs' obsession with the radio program Little Orphan Annie makes me think of him,

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  • jenrenh By  jenrenh    

    Great Movie

    This is my all time favorite Christmas movie! It is a classic that I enjoyed watching as a kid and still enjoy as an adult.

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  • tinaa45 By  tinaa45    

    It is a holiday tradition for my family to watch the marathon of " A Christmas Story." It is such a hilarious movie, but it embodies the joy of the holidays.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Very funny movie!

    One of my favorite Christmas classic movies! The leg lamp is hilarious!

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  • Kayla414 By  Kayla414    

    Love this classic of a movie!!!

    I remember seeing this movie for the first time as a kid. There were 6 of us kid's in our home. This movie is hilarious, no matter how many times you watch it. And so on point in so many ways. Such as getting the little one all bundled in a snowsuit, then the kid needing to use the bathroom. The leg lamp is my second favorite part. The husband insists on it in the window for all to see. I thought it was ugly back then. But would totally buy one! A small one of course. Also, remember not to stick your tongue to a pole in the winter!!!

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  • jonilosmom By  jonilosmom    

    My family watches this several times over the Holidays. It's an all time favorite. We love the depiction of a simpler time.

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