MAX The Max Signal

MAX The Max Signal

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The MAX Signal, Is a booster for all cell phones. I was asked to test this out, and I really put this to the test. Over the weekend I went to Monterey, I took my cell phone and the MAX Signal. I must admit I was unsure of the results I would get from the MAX Signal.. So, I was excited to see that it worked. I noticed as I got into an area where my phone always cuts out, the MAX boosted my signal all the way! I had great service with help from the MAX, it made my trip a whole lot easier. The great thing I love about the MAX is that there is nothing that needs to be plugged in and no batteries are needed either. You can keep it in your pocket or your purse, it's so convenient! Just keep it with in 4 or 5 feet, and you will see a stronger signal within 30 seconds. (It takes about 30 seconds for the phone to show the increased signal bars). This is amazing technology! I know we all have problems with are phone signals in certain areas, but with the Max signal you wont have that problem anymore. This Max is also made in the USA, another big plus. The Max signal is a very low price, only $29.95 They also sale a family pack of 5 for $125.95 is the main site, is a demo, obviously, showing the change in signal strength. is to purchase the unit.