MAC Select Cover Up

MAC Select Cover Up

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Okay I have been using this correcting serum for a week and it is friendly to my skin, it is very good for expression lines, it relaxes each one of them and gives a relaxation to my frowns, in this week if you notice the difference, I have not had any reaction allergic to any of its ingredients, 100% recommended.

As someone who as to work over night almost everyday I tend to have dark circles that requires a lot of coverage and I got to admit that this has definitely done the trick for me. The price is affordable and you only need to use very little and it lasts longer and you don't need to buy them every once in three months like other products. Definitely recommend this to any friends or family.

Great pigmentation but M.A.C products tend to lay on cakey for me.

This cover up may be a little expensive but it's so worth it.

Complete coverage and very easy to apply

Covers well. Will last you a while.

This product isn't as cakey and thick like most of MAC products. Only very little liquid needed for complete coverage.

Great for under the eyes but made me break out when used on the rest of my face.

I actually have all of the MAC concealers, for various reasons. This was the first one I brought and my go to product for under-eye circles. It's very light and a little goes a long way. If you use your fingers, don't rub it in pat it in.

Love this use it everyday, and I have oily skin, great coverage for lines and dark circles.

I have been using this product for 2 years now. I have dark circles and the product covers up very well, easy to blend, very creamy, and doesn't cake up. Love it!

Since this product is very liquid, it requires very little product. It also blends very easily, and gives amazing coverage! It doesn't crease, and stays on all day. Even though it's a tad bit pricy, the price is worth it. The only downfall of this product is that it takes some time to blend if you're using your fingers, so I suggest using a brush, such as a foundation brush, even if it's for a small area. -like you said absoulutley wonderful.

This foundation is very light on your skin, not like the rest of the foundation I've used before.

Best product ever made. Make your skin feel soft and it's not heavy like drugstore foundation.

I purchased a tube of this about 3 years ago, and I still have half a tube left. It is WONDERFUL b/c the tiniest amount is more than enough to cover a pimple or the shadows under your eyes. I have shared my tube with friends who have darker complexions, and it seems to be a universally flattering shade. I have found that I waste too much product by using a concealer brush, so I prefer to use my ring finger. By using my finger, my body heat slightly warms the product up and makes it easier to blend. I just use a tiny, tiny bit of cover up and pat it under my eyes or on a pimple with with my ring finger. If you need more coverage, just put another tiny dab on your finger, and pat it on. It works great! Please do not balk at the price. Per usage, you will pay MUCH LESS for this (& get better quality) than for what you could get at the drugstore.