MAC Paint Pot

MAC Paint Pot

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Great and not so great! I have used ?painterly ? for years as a base for other eyeshadows. It is awesome! It creates a blank palette for other types of eyeshadow. It also covers little blood vessels under my brow bone. It makes other shadows last all day and evening. I did like other Mac Paint Pot colors, including a matte mauve color but Mac discontinued most of them. Then Mac came out with new colors, mostly with glitter. My aging eyelids do not look good in glittery colored eyeshadow!

I use this in the shade Painterly for my eyelids every damn day. I have very fair skin, and unfortunately my eyelids are super purple and my veins stick out pretty obviously. The paint pot is amazing for covering up the imperfections and prepping my lids for eye shadow, but most days I just wear it on it's own. It is the one thing that really brightens up my appearance and makes me look alive. I like to add Rosehip Seed Oil so that my lids get a little extra hydration, and it also helps the paint pot to be a little more spreadable. I usually use a concealer brush to apply it and then I set it with Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder . This stuff is talked about so much for a reason. I have tried many other eye primers, and they just don't have the coverage that the paint pot has. I will forever repurchase. It doesn't crease at all and lasts all day long. When I wash off my makeup in the evening, it is sometimes the only thing besides my mascara that is still on.

Perfect consistency Doesn't crease or make dry patches like other eye primers, and it keeps my eyeshadow on all day long. Love this stuff!

i enjoy this alot. this is probably one of my favorite MAC products, i love how well it keeps your eyeshadow on, and i definitely think its worth the price tag.

While it did help keep shadows on all day, I agree that it's a great primer. However, it dried up rather quickly and became unusable.

One of my favorite products for an eye shadow base. I don't need to use primer under this to make my eyeshadow last all day. Makes shadows stand out better as well, and as long as you set this no creasing as well. It is a tad spendy but I use mine frequently and I've only just made a dent after a couple months, you don't need but a swipe of product. Soft ocher is the perfect shade to match my makeup for my pale skin.

I use this product as an eye primer (soft ochre shade). I understand the reviews where they said it didnt dry down. I found that application is best done with a fingertips. Product applies too heavily with a brush. A little goes a long way. Once I realized that, I really started to enjoy it as a shadow base.

I bought this item and it wouldn't dry. It stayed "wet" the entire time and smudged. I gave it a second chance, but I did not like it and do not recommend it either.

I bought this product in the shade painterly. I originally purchased it as a primer for my lids but it didn't work for me. I'm not sure if I used too much but it creased my eyeshadow. I now use it as a concealer under my foundation for a few spots on my face I want to hide. I pat it in and it seems to work well for me that way. It seems to be drying out too.

Good product. Use as base for brighter colors, works well for that. Prevents my eyeshadow from creasing also.

This is my faaaaaavorite eye shadow primer. It makes whatever brand of eye shadow I use stay longer and does NOT CREASE. Which is a major plus because I have oily lids for some reason and any kind of eye shadow I put over this lasts longer and makes it look good all through the day. I also really love the fact that if i use this product and a drug store cheap eye shadow the cheap shadow can look better and last longer.

my all time favorite, best of the best nothing can compare to it

LOVE this product! It is a high quality and lasts such a long time

These cream eye shadows make the best eye shadow primer ever!! They are truly dual purpose.

The paint pots are definitely one of the best MAC products. Perfect consistency!