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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Love their products.

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  • ann_022 By  ann_022    

    i really dont wear MAC makeup only beacuse some of thier products really break me up alot dont get me wrong i do have some blushes from MAC that I LOVE !

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  • mbs615 By  mbs615    

    Fabulous long wear blush...MAC is the only I line I purchase. You get what you pay for ... LOVE THIS BLUSH

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  • jill1616 By  jill1616    

    MAC makeup is great! I love the studio tech foundation. Pricey at $28 but lasts me forever, stays on all day, looks great. Love many of the blushes, work better than anything I've ever used before. Love the eyeshadows, liners, don't get me started on the lipsticks. I have very sensitive lips, many products make them peel. MAC lipsticks go on smooth, stay on and treat my lips beautifully! Best product out there.

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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    Mac makes great make up.

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  • monicalaughs By  monicalaughs    

    Although this product is discontinued, very hard to come by, and not really only 18.50 it can run much more expensive, it is absolutely amazing for contouring the face. a matte finish, not nasty shimmers for people with oily skin, and is not too dramatically dark. very buildable color. I LOVE IT!

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