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  • Brookep696 By  Brookep696    

    Love Mac

    I love Mac single shadows. The packaging is nice and small while packing plenty of shadow. They?re easy to travel with and use anywhere

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  • Daydra By  Daydra    

    Mac products are great their eyeshadow really hours a long way u can buy one eyeshadow and u will use it forever!! This color is very vibrant and stunning!! It works great for either a average day our night out on the town....very multi purposeful!!

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  • NanaShan76 By  NanaShan76    

    Love this! Such pretty, vibrant color!

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I love it!! Glitter me up...

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    They are Glitters so I need them. Great eyeshadow

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  • chloenawn By  chloenawn    

    All That Glitters was my first mac eyeshadow. To this day, it is my favorite color (tied with UD's sin) to put all over the lid.

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  • ashleyamelvin19 By  ashleyamelvin19    

    This is my favorite color from mac ! So pretty !

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  • DRigby By  DRigby    

    Absolutely love the eye shadow with Mac Brun eyeshadow. So pretty!!

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  • xoxkisses371 By  xoxkisses371    

    I would love to have this one! look sooo pretty.

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  • cocojoy By  cocojoy    

    Seriously must have this in your make up arsenal! I can not live without my MAC products and these shadows are no exception. A little goes a very long way especially if you use them wet and brush on or use as an amazing eyeliner for an amazing pop!

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  • katiehathaway By  katiehathaway    

    this is one of my favorite colors, EVER!

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  • kara331 By  kara331    

    Love all Mac Shadows, deep pigment and longwearing

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  • cgreviews By  cgreviews    

    Great eyeshadow that is incredibly pigmented!

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  • Spruitt28 By  Spruitt28    

    All That Glitters is a must have Mac eyeshadow. I am on my second pot of it. I will continue to repurchase this color and I hope they never discontinue it!!! Recommend, recommend, recommend!!!!!!

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  • liiivinlife39 By  liiivinlife39    

    This highly pigmented eyeshadow truly is a must-have. The gorgeous tender tone of beige mized with a chocolate brown is over-powering, but still sweet. Golden pearl specks creep up a bit, but don't take over, making this a gorgeous product for a night out, or even a formal occasion!

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