M&M's  Fudge Brownie

M&M's Fudge Brownie

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Fudge brownie M&Ms a hit with my family! If you're looking for a killer chocolate fix this will do it! I'm a chocoholic. My husband is a picky brownie lover. He won't eat chocolate cake, or any other brownie unless it's a specific fudge brownie brand. We tried these and we love them. Every time I buy them my husband will steal a few. They are the perfect blend fudgy goodness and chocolate.

Delicious New Flavor I could not wait to try the New Fudge Brownie M&M's. Not sure what to expect but wow they are delicious! Taste exactly like what they say. It is an M&M coated shell with a cake fudge brownie inside. I highly recommend and will purchase again!

I can't stop buying it I have tried a lot of M&M's over the years and he's M&M's taste so good it tastes just like a brownie but it got crust around it like like a cake type texture and it tastes so good I cannot believe it taste that good my body every time I go shopping which is bad because of the sugar but I cannot stop buying it it is worth to buy and on top of that it's a guilty pleasure for Whoever likes brownies and chocolate at the same time it is Deelishis

Tastes Just Like A Brownie These M & M's have a great flavor; the brownie flavor tastes authentic. This is a real winner, and comes in different sizes of bags, including the shareable bag. I hope they offer the mini bags of these soon, that would be the perfect serving.

Fudge Brownie M&Ms These are M&Ms that taste like brownies. They're a treat, of course, due to the high sugar content. I made a fudge M&M cookie cake with them, and it was delicious.

Yum! Love this NEW flavor! This is a new favorite! I love the brownie center -- tastes just liket the chewy part of homemade brownies. They are very flavorful, so I also felt satisfied after having a handful. Would definitely recommend!