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  • AshleyEverett By  AshleyEverett    

    Best balm ever! I am so addicted to this balm that I have one in my house, my desk drawer at work, in my purse, in my fiancee's car and I put one in all my family member's christmas stockings. Its pretty cheap but, its quality would mae you think that it was be a more expensive balm.

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  • beautyfoolreview By  beautyfoolreview    

    This is awesome, I love the design and the gloss is so smooth.

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  • stuck108 By  stuck108    

    I used this lip balm about a year ago. I had never heard of it. what I like about it is: The applicator is wider than most lip balms. There was a slight tingle to my lips after application. The scent wasnt fabulous, however.

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  • rubyjune By  rubyjune    

    love it

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  • Hockeygem17 By  Hockeygem17    

    This is hands down the best lip balm out there. I slather my lips up before bedtime and before I go out in the cold. I never get chapped lips. It always sells out at the drugstores, so when it's on sale I stock up and stock pile it in my house. The tingling from the eucalyptus feels therapeutic and the Shea butter is really moisturizing. Nothing compares to it, I won't use anything else now that I've found it.

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  • nursedunlap By  nursedunlap    

    I have sensitive skin, especially my lips. If I use most lip balms my lips will swell and turn red, and will be this way for 3-4 days, then peel, awful. The very first time this happened, I was desperately in search of some relief. I'd tried so many different products, which either didn't work, or made things worse. I finally came across Lypsl. OMG! When I FIRST put it on, I felt the swelling began to go down, and my lips felt SOOOOO good!!! I CAN NOT live without it. I purchase 3 or 4 tubes at a time, and make sure I have one in my purse, by the bed, in the car, and a spare in my drawer. I couldn't imagine life without it.

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