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They're actually really good and don't give rashes

Best to worst 10 years ago I would use no other diaper nowadays they have the worst diaper on the market I would use the dollar store off brand before them.

Good diapers My son has tried many diapers but Luvs was the one that didn't react with his sensitive skin.

Love the Luvs Diapers My son has tried many diapers but Luvs was the one that didn't react with his sensitive skin. He stayed with Luvs til he got potty trained.

Gave my daughter UTIs 1 star for great fit and cost. I normally use a generic brand from a large well-known store and decided to try Luvs because they cost about the same and I figured "name brand for the same price...why not". About 1 week later my then 2 yr old got a UTI. For the next 2 months, she had back to back UTIs. Having never had a problem with that before, I knew it had to be a change on our end and I remembered that we started using Luvs around the time the UTIs started. I researched it and found Luvs were heavily scented whereas the generic brand was unscented. I quickly switched back to the generic and my daughter never had another UTI...she's 4.5 now and wore diapers until she was about 3.5.

Luvs Diapers for Comfort and Leak Protection! I recently tried out Luvs Diapers for my baby, and I was pleasantly surprised. The diapers are soft and comfortable, and feature Triple Leakguards with 3 absorption areas that kept my baby dry and free of leaks for up to 12 hours. They also have Nightlock Technology to lock away wetness and keep my baby comfortable and dry. The diapers are also super affordable, making them a great value for the money. I highly recommend Luvs Diapers to any parents looking for a reliable and affordable diaper option.

Highly recommend I always use Luv diapers for my child as it is extremely affordable and is of great quality. The best part of this brand is that it provides premium diapers at inexpensive price. Diapers are soft, hypoallergenic and gentle on child's skin.

Great value Luvs are the best diapers in my opinion. I have 7 kids and 2 are still in diapers you get an amazing amount for the price. They are well made and I haven't had a leak through even as the kids get into the bigger sizes (4,5,6) they still hold up very well even with all the movement

Very affordable I have four kids and Luvs diapers are the only ones my children were not alergic to. Every other diaper gave them a bad diaper rash. This brand of dialer are very affordable compared to most others.

best ever I am give all my 5Stars because this is my Childs solution ever since he was given to birth .

Good and Bad Both my kids were born tiny with scrawny legs, these diapers in newborn size fit them both so perfectly, I tried many brands. Diapers get changed VERY frequently with a newborn so you don't need a highly absorbent expensive diaper. These are very affordable and you should try them out. Once they hit size 1 I didn't use them anymore, I suddenly don't like the way they fit/absorb and they have a very strong powder smell.

Not for sensitive skin When I used the Luvs diapers on my 7 month old she had a rash form the first day wearing them. So, for a sensitive skin baby their not a good choice. With my first child I didn't have a problem at all with the Luvs diapers on breaking her out and they didn't leak.

Picked these up in a bind and could not have been more disappointed. With these diapers, he was soaking wet in the morning and it had leaked through to his pajamas. Never had that problem with other diapers.

Luvs Diapers These are the diapers I always end up using for all of my children. They are very reliable and affordable.

I really love this brand!! I have 5 kids and I have used this brand with every one of my kids! i love how they are not bulky! I love how when they are older babies and pee at night, they dont smell of pee like the rest of the brands!