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  • ShaneSellsSeashells By  ShaneSellsSeashells    


    This product leaves your skin so subtle and soft! The smell is lush yet not too overpowering. The companies vision to recycle and use ethically sourced ingredients is perfect!

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  • ashbrianda By  ashbrianda    

    I love the scent and it work well make you skin smooth after you get out the shower I would like to try this product .

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  • Naturehippie20 By  Naturehippie20    


    This was one of the first products I was ever given from Lush and I LOVED it. The smell is fantastic. They have a box that includes all the other rose products including this body conditioner, bath bomb, shower gel, etc. It's a rose scented paradise! You rub it all over your body and come out with a soft, smoothing, rose scented body.

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  • Ajforte14 By  Ajforte14    

    Body Conditioner

    I would love to review this product. I have never used this body conditioner before and would love to try it.

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  • Jlovesbaby By  Jlovesbaby    

    What can I say about lush. Well lush products never disappoint me in any way. I love their products, especially this one. It always leaves my skin smooth and smelling wonderful. Totally recommend this to everyone!

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  • stefaniepowers By  stefaniepowers    

    I adore this product and this scent. It has a wonderful but subtle rose scent that lasts for hours (similar to Rose Jam if you're ever tried it). Tons of uses also. I use it as a lotion, a body conditioner or most often as shaving cream. It works great for all three. Your skin will stay smooth and rose-scented for hours.

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  • weekendeewe By  weekendeewe    

    Want to try this

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  • Juicycat By  Juicycat    

    Great scent

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  • Paradiscal By  Paradiscal    

    Lush products always smell amazing and this is no exception to that rule! I used to be totally obsessed with the Body Shop Body Butters, but have recently been loving the Lush Argan Body Conditioner! It is so hydrating and feels amazing on my skin! Highly recommend this to my friends!

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  • shakay By  shakay    

    I have very sensitive skin and this product is amazing. It keeps your skin soft and smells amazing!

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  • shresthashre2 By  shresthashre2    

    i love lush products firstly. And also they have a really amazingly good smell. This product makes skin really very soft like a baby skin. Also it has a good hydrating property which makes skin look more younger.

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    After trying this out for the first time, it now has it's own place next to my #1 body lotion. I love the way it smells and makes my body feels. Even after it settles on my skin, it smell doesn't change. I use the conditioner along with Argan body oils and my husband can't keep his hands off of me.

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  • ModernRuralLiving By  ModernRuralLiving    

    This is the best body product I have ever tried. If I could fall in love with a product, this would be it. No joke. The way this smells and the way it makes my body feel after using it, is heavenly. The scent sticks with you throughout the day. It?s amazing. They should make a perfume that is this scent. I would buy it out. Their African Paradise Body Conditioner smelled just as amazing. It was SO hard to pick!

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