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  • Vanessaloty By  Vanessaloty    

    Good smell, hard to apply

    It smells lovely, but it's a little hard to put on. You have to hold it to your armpit for a minute to melt it slightly before you can put it on. If you sweat a lot it might only last half the day. It doesn't stop sweat.

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  • lifeinpumps By  lifeinpumps    

    No Underarm Funk

    I was skeptical about a deodorant bar but quickly discovered that I can't leave without it. It's easy and not overbearing. I used my sport kids to put it to the rest!

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  • picturemommy By  picturemommy    

    Ok. Deoderants come and go. Honestly, I buy what I get a good coupon for...but when I am at the mall, I ALWAYS hit LUSH stores and have them cut off a bar of their patchouli deoderant. It is so good and it smells great all day. And yeah, patchouli has a bit of a "hippy" stigma to it..but it isn't that kind of smell. It is a bit earthy and soft. And really at points during the day, I can smell it on me and it is nice. Trust me, I work in an elementary school CAFETERIA everyday and it is hot, sticky and GOOD deoderant is a must around co-workers! I love this product!

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