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  • Naturehippie20 By  Naturehippie20    


    First off, this is a bomb, not a bubble bath. You throw it in the water and it makes pretty colors and makes it smell great. The water has oils in it as well as petals so it's really nice and soothing. I love relaxing in a bath full of Lush. This bomb is one of the smaller ones but is just as great as the larger. Yes, they are pricey but that's what you get for a name brand store. I make my own bombs but I still love going in there and splurging on all of my favorites!

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  • Alexandra_Aranas By  Alexandra_Aranas    

    This bath bomb has a different smell to it but it makes my skin softer and gives it a shiny glow.

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  • fixedcrystal By  fixedcrystal    

    I love Lush and their products. This one is great, but having to clean up after I'm relaxed isn't something I am really up for.

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  • AquaSurf00 By  AquaSurf00    

    When I purchased this I was told to simply throw in the ball and I will get a tub full of luscious bubbles. Well....that was a lie! It did nothing but make my tub extremely slippery! For the price I could have purchased several bottles of real bubble bath!

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  • TrishNeil By  TrishNeil    

    I am a huge fan of this product. It is a little pricey but it works for me and I love that it is natural.

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Smell great and relax me, but too expensive. I can make my own for a fraction of the cost, and not have a mess to clean up afterward.

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  • clkytta By  clkytta    

    While I love most Lush items the price keeps rising and some of the bath bombs have gotten smaller so it's not a good buy for the money. Golden slumbers was one of my favorites, a very relaxing scent. If you put it in a large tea ball or an old hose there isn't as much cleanup.

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  • nwhite1275 By  nwhite1275    

    i also think that there bath bombs are over priced and you can get other bath bombs for less money that are just as good and even better

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  • AmandaBeautyProductJunkie By  AmandaBeautyProductJunkie    

    This product has a beautiful name and look. Even when it fizzes out on the water it shoots out dried Lavender. The only problem is that for $6.00 you are getting a show but not a relaxing bath. There was no real smell, and the little smell there was did not last. Also, there is clean up afterwards of all the dried lavender pieces. Until they add more scent I wouldn't buy it. I was disappointed because I love lavender and wanted something to help me fall asleep. :(

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