Luna Bar Chocolate Raspberry

Luna Bar Chocolate Raspberry

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I'm impressed by all the nutrients (vitamins, iron etc.), however, it also contains brown rice sugar (which is as bad as can sugar), which makes it not very healthy and too sweet for my taste.

I love luna bars! I eat them all the time and I like that they have a balance of protein, carbs, and fat. This flavor is pretty good, but it's not my favorite flavor.

I have tried a variety of Luna bars and was super bummed! On the shelf, the flavors sounded delicious and since I'm always looking for healthier alternatives to things (in this case, a granola bar), I thought I'd give them a try. I certainly won't be purchasing these again in the future. Yuck!

I love these bars, and cause they say for women.. The hubby won't touch them

This is my favorite flavor (also the chocolate peppermint one) of all the Luna bars!! Great for a quick snack during the day and healthy. I always keep one in my purse for those late afternoon cravings.

I really love these as does my husband, they are the perfect snack before or after a workout, where you need something in your stomach, but can't eat a complete meal. Very tasty.

Too much sugar. Tasty though...Good source of nutrients if used as meal replacement (some proteins, some folic acid, vitamins and minerals). The Chocolate -Raspberry is the only one among them that is gluten free...

I am crazy about luna bars!!!!!! The chocoalte peppermint is my all time favorite, but really I like them all. The smores, chocolate raspberry, blueberry bliss, and the white chocolate macadamia!!! MAN THESE ARE WONDERFUL!

I ate these a bunch when I was pregnant for the extra protein. They are very yummy. The dark chocolate and raspberry made me feel like I was really eating something special.

I'd consider these healthier than a LOT of snack foods, but they're not the healthiest, despite the guise of a 'food' or 'cereal' bar. That said! These are a fantastic alternative to snacking on chips or cookies! I love Luna bars, and was really bummed to find out the Luna Protein bars had either milk or eggs (milk, I believe). I recommend all of the Clif products, and am addicted to the kids Z bars (which are usually less than a dollar). The Luna bars go on sale for $1 each a lot at my local Kroger, and I usually stock up on them then. They're great for me, because I spend a LOT of time on the go, and don't want to eat some nasty food bar when I don't have time to cook or eat out. The raspberry flavor is good, as well as the White Chocolate Macadamia and the Peppermint Bark (.. and really, all of them, hahah).

I love Luna bars! I just got hooked on their new protein bars which are much better than several of the competitors brands. My favorite Luna bar is a tie between the White Chocolate Macadamia and the Chocolate Peppermint. I try to carry a bar with me so that I know I can snack on something much healthier than a cheese dipped pretzel. NONE of their bars taste like twigs and dead leaves, which is fantastic. Luna also sells a box with snack size bars in three flavors. They even have a bar for kids.

I have tried almost every Luna Bar flavor out there and one of my top favorites has always been the Chocolate Walnut Brownie flavor (tastes like a real brownie, but a bit healthier and not as sweet). However, the newest flavor to hit shelves is the Chocolate Raspberry and this one is even better! Tastes like your actually eating a dessert bar without the extra calories and with added protein and fiber.