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  • catwoman-1 By  catwoman-1    

    Wonderful Biscuits

    What a delicious, comforting biscuit. The chocolate is excellent. This is a very tasty combination.

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  • jenrenh By  jenrenh    


    These are so good! The crunchy biscuit and the delicious chocolate on top is such a delicious combo!

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  • laurenlily By  laurenlily    

    Lu Le Pims are Decadent!

    These cookies are absolutely amazing and decadent! You get the richness from the chocolate combined with the salty sweetness of the is an amazing combination. I have loved these cookies since I was child.

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  • olivernmindy By  olivernmindy    

    Lu Le Pims Milk Chocolate Biscuit Cookie

    I love the biscuit cookie and then milk chocolate puts it over the top.

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