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  • Author image By kap7113
    07.29.16   Edit

    yummy and its changeable

  • Author image By Pixiecasey
    05.03.15   Edit

    I love that you can add the veggies you desire and leave out the ones you don't.

  • Author image By JustMissAsh
    11.11.14   Edit

    Thanks for sharing this. It sounds so delicious and I can't wait to try it. I love vegetable soup. Heck I love a lot of soups. Love it more being such a healthy choice.

  • Author image By cierrabrown24
    08.20.14   Edit

    Sounds soo yummy! I would definitely use vegtable stock in place of chicken stock and maybe add some new potatoes!

  • Author image By Meganelewin
    05.12.14   Edit

    I love vegetable soup!

  • Author image By aamita
    10.20.13   Edit

    I'm going to try it

  • Author image By allieavamomma
    04.26.13   Edit

    This looks like a soup my mother made for us back in the day. She did not use peppers but added in some stewed tomatoes, green beans , lima beans, green beans and potatoes to it. So good!

  • Author image By llirelan11
    10.09.12   Edit

    have to try

  • Author image By catlinbaby2
    10.01.12   Edit

    What is the calorie count per serving

  • Author image By alacriti_tester
    10.18.11   Edit

    I Like it.

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