Love Your Hair & Enter The @SheSpeaksUp #WomensRogaine #Hairapy Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 12.16.16
Love Your Hair & Enter The @SheSpeaksUp #WomensRogaine #Hairapy Giveaway!

Whether you are experiencing hereditary hair loss or know someone who is going through it, don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered! Women’s Rogaine® brand has the perfect styling tips and tricks to help you regrow your hair and regain that confidence. That’s why we’re teaming up with Women’s Rogaine® to bring you a giveaway that will have you loving your hair!

Check out some of our favorite styling tips below:

  1. Embrace styling tools!
    • Jill Crosby: “You can use all of the same tools and techniques, just with less heat and less tension. The key here is gentle. Ask your salon stylist to ease up on the heat and tension, and use a light touch with towels and hairbrushes at home.”
  2. Switch up your part
    • Jill Crosby: “Experiment with flipping your part to the opposite side. By adding a little texture spray to the roots you can get a new voluminous flip started. Or try a look without a defined part – sometimes with fine hair parts can expose too much scalp.”

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card and a bottle of Women’s Rogaine®

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Answer the question: What’s your favorite styling tip to make your hair feel healthy and full?

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One lucky commenter (or Tweeter) will be chosen at random to receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card . This SheSpeaks giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years or older. Enter through 12/29.  Winner will be chosen randomly by 12/30 and notified by email. 

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  • Angelupe By Angelupe

    Hi I'm Guadalupe and I am 39yrs old. I'm really interested in this women's rogain, finished chemo so I'm in Dyer need to grow my hair BK. I would be estatic if I win for the fact that money is tight and a freebie is the answer. I'm willing and ready to try and then post about the product after.

  • Jessielunde By Jessielunde

    Dry shampoo and fluffing with my fingers 😄

  • Teresadeck81 By Teresadeck81

    #hairpy sounds like a good one

  • sscasero95 By sscasero95

    My favorite styling tip to make my hair feel healthy and full is drenching my hair in a coconut/castor oil combo over night. Leaves my hair silk and fuller in the morning!

  • CatsMom By CatsMom

    I use Tweak-d Rise & Shine Hair Treatment. One product does it all; shampoos, conditions and readies hair for shiny styling with slight volume!

  • CMDavis6974 By CMDavis6974

    I love using dry shampoo so that I don't have to wash my hair everyday.

  • daurisav By daurisav

    I love coconut oil... It smells good and its all natural. I also feel like it restores the natural shine in my hair.

  • twiggy1761 By twiggy1761

    Not touching it after my shower and a little goop in it. If I comb it after it straightens out. If I leave it alone it stays curled.

  • bellbonnie74 By bellbonnie74

    part my hair on the side

  • haboobafoofo By haboobafoofo

    Condition before shampooing

  • renejoseph By renejoseph

    I wash it and air dry just the roots with a dryer on cold setting.

  • plumeria9 By plumeria9

    Actually I just ordered my first Rogaine foam for women, I'm hoping this is going to make my hair fuller looking!

  • jannzul By jannzul

    Would like to try this new product...

  • Shelly3t By Shelly3t

    For sure deep conditioning and also coconut oil treatment and the castor oil one too! I have dry hair also brittle along with thinning.

  • meganmlangton By meganmlangton

    Use different Brand Shampoo and Conditioner Everyday

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