LouAna Coconut Oil

LouAna Coconut Oil

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Great for cooking with. I give my dogs a teaspoon of their food and it makes their coats super shiny.

So Many Uses for it besides cooking Works very well. It is mych better for you than other oils and they say can even help break down the fat in your stomach. Besides using to cook with there are so many other uses just Google it and yoy will see. One I have heard works well is whitening your teeth.

Good product for the price also works as a skin care .

Lou Ana is amazing!!! I was a bit hesitant about using coconut oil to cook, I expected the food to have a coconut flavor, but not at all!!! It was awesome...I also used it in my skin, and to be honest I love it, it moisturized my skin and left my skin soft and beautiful. With my psoriasis I need to keep my skin moist and Lou Ana does it!

I'm a fan of this product. It's not my go-to or favorite brand, but it's a bit less expensive and more readily available in location to me than other brands. It's a great cooking fat and has so many uses! Love coconut oil and highly recommend it for anything from facial cleaner/makeup remover to healthy fat in cooking or in coffee!

Awesome to cook with and very healthy.

This is all i cook with now.

Wonderful product we use this product to cook with or with tea coffee also hair and body

I use this on a daily basis. This is the most often oil I use other than olive oil. It is great as a lotion.

I do not cook with this product, but I use this for so many beauty products. It is a very great hair mask/ deep conditioner. Also works nice for dry skin as a moisturizer. You can also swoosh it in your mouth as a nice natural mouthwash!!

I bought this brand because it was cheaper than the other brand available in the grocery store. I mainly use this for my skin and hair. I haven't cooked with it much. I have started oil pulling for dental health, and I don't like the taste of this. I can't explain it, but it isn't yummy. The other brand at the grocery store had no flavor at all so I prefer it over this. Plus the other brand was organic.

Add me to the list of people who keep this in the pantry for MANY uses. Yes I cook and bake with it almost daily as it can take the place of butter, oil, shortening in so many recipes. But I also use it for a skin softener and moisturizer, I use it our homemade deodorant, in my homemade soaps and lotions, and to season pans. It melts quickly and smoothly (melting point of 76 degrees). This brand is the lowest price I've found in grocery and household stores but it works just fine for everything.

I love this stuff. i am a coconut oil junky. i use it for everything for cooking and baking to beauty. great makeup remover, skin moisturizer and if you add some sugar its a great scrub that will leave you with a glow. i no longer buy lotion, i just apply this as soon as i get out of the shower and my skin is always very soft.

Absolutely LOVE this amazing product!! I use it on a daily basis! I use this rather than other oils, I put it in my hair for hair growth and more, I use it instead of lotion, and I also use it for my son's diaper rash! Works amazing in all of the above! I recommend everyone I know make the switch and go buy this product!! Best thing ever!