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  • ksayan By  ksayan    

    The makeup was fine, but I did not love the roller. I felt like I couldn't get it in all the spots I needed it.

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  • Cierra4508 By  Cierra4508    

    I love loreal makeup but I have to admit that the roller brush is more aqward than anything. I do like how well it matched my skin! I also love that it does not wear off right away. Definitely stays on longer than most foundation I have tried before!

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    another yuck. :-/ and I usually love l'oreal prods too! the roller thing gets kinda nasty after a few uses.. and the makeup its self made my pores feel yucky & suffocated. The coverage is good, and the shades were good for me.. I just didnt like how this stuff sat on my face. I know I know..picky picky picky--yes I am picky :-/

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  • noelrocs By  noelrocs    

    I have mixed feelings on this one... I don't really like the applicator because it doesn't get around the curves in your face, but the formula is pretty good. It has a very dry finish, so bare that in mind. I moisturize heavily before using this and don't use buy a dab of powder to set it... It doesn't do well with sweating, though. I live in the South and it gets hot here.

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  • astarblazing By  astarblazing    

    I have problems with my pores, any makeup i use just sinks into it. With the roller applicator it went smoothly over my skin and didn't sink in. It is long lasting, and matches skin very well.

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  • shellbop By  shellbop    

    I really like the true match. It goes on smooth and does not settle into pores that look bad in the sun.

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  • rikkiroo By  rikkiroo    

    I was amazed. The roller applicator is fabulous. It went on smooth and minimal blending needed. My skin tone is hard to match. I usually have to combine 2 liquid foundations together. But I found a color to match perfectly. Light to medium coverage and long lasting.

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