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  • Jbrimer91 By  Jbrimer91    

    not the best

    this shampoo is okay, its not the best but its not the worst. it smelled pretty good to me but my hair was just greasy after using it.

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  • moniqa2004 By  moniqa2004    

    Awesome product! I really notice a difference in my dry, frizzy hair. The price is reasonable too, I use coupons & buy it when its on sale. The loreal website offers free samples for this product.

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  • Jenn3283 By  Jenn3283    

    Loréal is truly my favorite drugstore Cosmetics brand! And they never cease to amaze me! The smooth intense shampoo and conditioner is amazing! My hair is thick, damaged, coarse, dryes out, and frizzy. This is from highliting it so many times! But thankfully this shampoo and conditioner has helped a lot. It makes my hair soft, a lot smoother, and less frizzy!

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  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    I really enjoy this hair care line. My favorite i would have to say is the volumizing one. The scent and price are great as well.

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  • suffolk By  suffolk    

    This actually keeps my hair in decent form if I just let it air dry. I do add extra conditioner even though it is 2 in 1

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  • andichick By  andichick    

    Used these products and I am in love. The only negative thing I got to say about this line is that its not organic. The smell is very nice though.

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  • patiencegray By  patiencegray    

    This has reduced the appearance of split ends and for that reason alone I love this. It is reasonably prices at dollar general and smells great

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  • Crystalsmith28 By  Crystalsmith28    

    Very good product! helps with frizzy hair

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  • christinlilly By  christinlilly    

    I really liked this product!! I heard about it on a twitter party and used a coupon. I am going to try another version in the same line ( Loreal total repair).

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  • HazelBeltran5 By  HazelBeltran5    

    i recently received a sample of this and it is amazing. my hair was more smooth and also it smells really good. i have wavy hair and this really helped a lot.

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  • MsBianca76 By  MsBianca76    

    Loreal smooth intense shampoo and conditioner is heaven ina bottle for my hair, my hair was frizzy brittle falling out from coloring and styling but now it looks reallynice verysmooth and managable and smells amazingI give this shampoo and conditioner 6 outof 5 stars worth every penny! You can get coupons for it too and cvs has it on sale all the time !

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  • petroneagu By  petroneagu    

    I've got messy, wavy, bristle hair, also colored and nothing make it happy, no hair product manages to clean, hydrate, smooth and keep the color vibrant like L'Oreal Smooth Intense. With this line I finally manage to brush my hair properly without risking breaking or damaging it. Plus the smell is divine, it lasts for days. Love it!

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  • redjessi By  redjessi    

    LOVE IT!! Smelled good, softer hair :)

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  • Emlynn By  Emlynn    

    I just received this free sample of Loreal Smooth Intense shampoo and conditioner, I really like it! I have curly hair but made my hair more relax curls and soft. Smells nice too.

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