L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5

L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5

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Amazing product Amazing product, that works on severely damaged hair. I started using this product after my hair was fried by bad at home hair dye. I went shopping to find a product that would help my hair and I came across this shampoo and conditioner which I decided to buy. Purchasing this product was the best thing I could for my hair. After using this product one time my hair was soft and not a burnt straw feeling. I was able to run a brush through my hair without it breaking. This product works.

Great drug store product I think this product is really good especially for drug store brands. I enjoy most of the Loreal shampoos and conditioners because their conditioners actually work and also detangle pretty well. I think it smells good too and has a reasonable price. I try to pick this up when there are sales to get the best deal.

YES LAWD This line is absolutely luxurious. It smells wonderful, it feels great on the hair and scalp, and the results are salon-quality. I recommend starting with the shampoo and masque, and if you enjoy those two, expanding your collection. I always have at least one of these products in my routine at any given time.

I love this because it actually works on damaged hair, and my hair looks and feels great, love Loreal Paris products

I received samples of the shampoo and conditioner for free and bought the treatment for myself. Check out my U tube channel ravercat4 for video reviews. I like these products. They help bring out my curls. They help make my hair soft and manageable. I highly recommend them, especially the hair treatment.

Luscious feeling hair after using this. Great product. Reasonably priced. Love the smell and texture and doesn't dry out my hair or leave it oily and greasy

The shampoo and conditioner are just overpriced lies. the oils however are great. Use dry oil daily and gives great shine. The other two are greasy/oily so do it when u arent in need of clean hair.

I have tried the conditioner and it seems to work fine. Maybe next time I will try the whole line.

My mom introduced me to this product and my hair was instantly softer. We used to the golden bottle but I recently switched to the pink bottle. I only use the shampoo and conditioner and it keeps my hair healthy and shiny. Also, my hair is naturally tangly and hard to brush but within one use I was able to brush my hair without a problem!

My hair was pretty damaged due to bleaching it and dyeing it multiple colors but this has revieved my hair.

I have this entire system, and it works wonders. I really think it works best if you use all the products together as I am doing now, and the spray is AMAZING. Half-way through the day, if I'm getting a lot of flyaways (which is oh-so-common for me in the humid area I live) I'll just spritz a bit of it onto my hair and then wet a comb and carefully style my hair back in place. It looks so smooth and silky and takes only a few seconds. The application isn't heavy and doesn't make my hair crunchy or oily. This is a great system to buy, inexpensive, and does a fantastic job.

I've gotten this as a sample and it smells nice and has a good texture of shampoo. Good line of products.

I like L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Conditioner and Damaging U.S. I-Erasing Balme every day. I would like to see again the conditioner pink with frost the best

i have 3 girls and they all have a different texture of hair..... their hair has come out nicley love it! big fan

I love this product forever does what it says and what it is supposed to do!