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  • BetteronaBudget By  BetteronaBudget    

    Oh, my word. This book is an astonishing, beautifully written story about Lopez Lomong and his ?life story?, starting from the age of six. This young man was kidnapped, ripped from his mother?s arms, while attending church one day in his village in southern Sudan. He was imprisoned and made to suffer terrible conditions until he and some friends escaped. Trying to return to their home village, they ended up in Kenya instead, and there he lived for the next 10 years in the refugee camp. Lomong chronicles his experiences in the camp, as well as his amazing journey to America and the Olympics, in a beautiful, simple, sweet way. I am most impressed by his ability to tell the story so matter-of-factly, not complaining, not embellishing, and not dramatizing (not that it needs ANY dramatization, the story is dramatic enough). As I read, I literally laughed out loud and cried tears of sadness and of joy. This was a book that I hated putting down, even for a moment. I came away inspired, motivated to do more to help others, grateful for the life I live (and too often take for granted), and peaceful, knowing that yes, indeed, God is in charge, and He is aware of ALL of us, no matter our circumstances. I feel that this book was a Godsend, to be honest, as it?s helped me to see life more clearly. You will be moved. You will be inspired. You will try harder to not waste food, and to be grateful for the meals you eat. You will come away a better person for having read this book. For those who do not enjoy ?spiritual? books, do not be scared away. While Lomong mentions God quite often, it certainly isn?t in a ?holier than thou?, or even a ?please come and find Jesus for yourself? way. It is simply him, a beautifully humble man, sharing his story. You MUST read it.


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