Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo

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Love this This is one of my favorite hair care brands. The scents are always luxurious but what is most important is they work as they are intended to: they clean and moisturize my hair. The frizz free really helps tame my hair in a way I haven't found with other products. I have curly hair and it tends to get frizzy and this is the best way I have found to manage it. Highly recommend.

I have hair that has a few uneven I can't let it air dry to be straight or's right in between. This product works VERY well. I usually have to pull out my hair with a round brush while drying it to get all the kinks out. This product made this WAY easier...almost completely straight without even having to brush it much while drying. You do have to dry it in sections a bit more (it causes it to dry differently). If you like to flat iron your hair, this cuts the time down to a fraction since your hair is already so straight to begin with. It really is an amazing product. I've now used the no frizz shampoo, no frizz conditioner and the straight making styling cream for medium to thick hair (I only have a sample of the latter...but it does work better when you use all three). I'd also like to try the new straight making spray that can be used on wet/dry hair, but I'm not ready to make the investment. Since it's so expensive, I only use the shampoo/conditioner on days I plan to wear my hair down and straight...the other days I use my normal salon shampoo/conditioner (it's a little cheaper).

I really like the treatment products but haven't used the shampoo and conditioner yet. I would like to, but they are a little pricey. I did find that they made it take a little longer to blow dry my hair, but I like the way my hair felt after using. I'd be very interested to try the shampoo and conditioner down the line.

Did absolutely nothing for my hair, but I hear it's worked for others.

Great products! I have been using Aveda products for many years and was looking to make a change. I caught the demonstration on "The Doctors" about a month ago. After a couple of weeks I finally broke down and ordered the shampoo, conditioner, and straightening cream from QVC. I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE these products! I still have to wash my hair everyday (oily scalp), but I am very happy that my hair is so smooth. Recently I received an email from Living Proof for three travel size products $29 no shipping charges. I like to wear my hair wavy too and I really wanted to try the product for wavy hair so I ordered the travel sizes and I love the wavy product just as much! By they way, an added bonus is the terrific smell!

I saw this product on the DoctorsTV. They showed a lady to has heat damaged her hair using hot irons, curling irons, etc and was experiencing serious frizz as a result. They treated one side of her hair with the shampoo, conditioner and no frizz styling cream and the other side they left untreated. They proceeded to use a steam releasing appliance and viola, her hair did not frizz. I went out to the website and requested samples of the product to try myself. These products work to eliminate frizzy hair by blocking humidity - and without weighing hair down (sulfate-free). First thing I notice as I am using the shampoo, my hair is not tangling as usual and the shampoo has a very nice citrus scent .. After rinsing out the shampoo, I used the conditioner. I used according to directions and my hair felt wonderful and moisturized. Next, I used the leave-in conditioner and began to blow dry my hair. These products left my hair with lots of shine, manageable and so light, bouncey and straight that I had to look twice. I do color process my hair so it was very important that I used a product which did not strip or dull my color. It rained that day so I had a chance to see if the product worked. It did!!!!! Now this is my new favorite product and I give it five stars!