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  • pianoprincess1989 By  pianoprincess1989    

    Really surprized this works great!

    I actually just started trying this Conditioner about a week or two ago. I have noticed a huge difference in how frizzy my hair ISN'T. I usually do not buy into all the hype when a product says it does something amazing.. But this one has worked for me. I will be buying this one again! Amazing!

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  • jxing75 By  jxing75    

    My favorite new brand of haircare! It has a mild pleasant scent. It actually works to keep frizz away especially affective for between washing

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  • CandRsmom By  CandRsmom    

    I am in love with Living Proof products!! In the summer when the humidity goes up, this is my go to conditioner (and shampoo). I have tried other products, including Wen, and Living Proof works the best at taming my frizz and stopping my hair from looking like a pouf ball!! It smells very clean too.

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  • niferr By  niferr    

    I admit to loving samples and never thinking twice about them, but Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner was one that forced me to take notice. I packed the sample packages to go camping and tubing in lake water at the beginning of August. I used the product that is sulfate and paraben free but still lathered (I find many organic products do not lather and I have to use a lot!). I went through my day and as I took my hair out of its mess that I created on my head my hair was soft and my normally wavy, curly hair had the most perfect curls I have ever had with no frizz (for real) and it was soft and smelled great. I had to buy a bottle and I have not been disappointed. I have never had curls that looked as great as with this product and I don't think it was nasty lake water!

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