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  • bambilefleur By  bambilefleur    

    Here is your answer for natural glow bright skin

    Live Beautifully Body is wonderful company with innovative body and skincare products. I have so many favorites. The GLOW SERUM is everything your skin needs. A true natural brand, no harmful ingredients and loaded with all kinds of natural oils. If you are on the green clean skincare trail or want to try a product that you see results in just days, this serum is for you. I love that glow-y skin - i am on medications, not a fan of the sun and take very good care of my skin. I lean to the dry side, mature and sensitive, fair skin. Finding that right serum with creating redness or strong chemical scents just is not my thing anymore. Like, I mentioned i am on the dry side, the serum states for normal skin. I have had no issue with dryness, illuminated residue ( yeah people know what i am talking about) The company has many other skincare, body products. Hey, check out their natural deodorants. 5 star review from me check out for more details . price $26, you can find more info on their website, etsy and even amazon


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