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  • BostonMama84 By  BostonMama84    

    Durable and fun. Great popular music

    As much as I don't think this is sold in stores any longer, let alone may be discontinued altogether, this musical guitar by Little Tykes remains my eldest daughters favorite toy after 6 years. Since day 1 it has been an extremely durable toy. I don't think they make toys that well anymore. It has been through a lot and on top of that we never had to even change battery's, ever! It plays about 4 or 5 songs, no words/singing just the tunes but still fun. The music was actually popular songs back when this guitar 1st was released. Songs like "Allstars by Smashmouth" and such. I just wish there were more songs and the strings on the guitar were real strings instead of just plastic buttons that don't even look like strings. Otherwise if this product is still available like on Amazon, I'd suggest to get this. Great for agesure 18 months to 7 years old

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  • darlene1696 By  darlene1696    

    My boys have this toy. My parent bought it for my oldest I believe on his first birthday. Sadly after 5 years it no longer works due to not being water proof lol(left out in a rain storm) but through these few years it seen a lot of play and still they get it and make their own noise ��

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  • kersandrarettig By  kersandrarettig    

    My children just got this toy and it is a big hit in our house! The music sometime seems loud and annoying however the children love it and the come are all some I know which makes it even more fun!

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  • JanelUnderwood By  JanelUnderwood    


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  • sydney2112 By  sydney2112    

    kids love it thank you

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  • Dedebaur By  Dedebaur    

    I have a 1 year old and a 5 year old and they both play with this. This is one toy that is always in the living room.

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  • shelstrat By  shelstrat    

    Cute guitar, my son got it when he was 1 year old, and he still plays with it 3 years later. What is really wonderful about this toy, is yes, it makes noise, however, there is a volume knob and is not so easy for little fingers to adjust louder than Mommy or Daddy want it!

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  • Kalyne3 By  Kalyne3    

    This guitar is cute and fun. The music is not annoying- rock and roll songs that I know!

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