Littermaid Elite Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid Elite Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box

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This was okay at first. I thought it would save me a lot of time, but it gets stuck to often and the containers fill up fast. You have to keep buying them over and over and over and if you run out you are in trouble. Plus if it gets hot in your house and flies lay eggs in the poo before the filter runs through, you will find that maggots can (and will) hatch inside the container. So gross. Just scoop it every day or splurge on the cat box that hooks up to the washing machine and washes out the plastic beads each time your cat uses it.

I had this for awhile. I have not liked the way that the sweeper gets stuck all the time.

This is a great alternative for households with multiple cats. Cats as a whole enjoy clean boxes. Humans as a whole enjoy pain-free backs. This meets the best of both worlds. As other reviews have indicated, the instruction manual is very specific what litter type to use. Cats and owners have their preferences, but Cat's Pride worked well, as did Arm & Hammer super clumping litter. Arm & Hammer frequently goes on sale in most grocery stores, and you can sign up for coupons from the manufacturer's website. The motor is weak and quite noisy so putting it near sleeping areas is not ideal.

I read extensively about the LitterMaid before I bought it and learned some of the common problems and solutions. I have had it about a year. You have to find the right type of litter and never put too much in! I have tried a lot of litters but TidyCat and Cat's Pride are the best and inexpensive. It must be a quick action, hard clumping litter. If you fill up above the fill line, it will constantly run and won't have the strength to push through the litter. Also, check it often. I have two cats, one of which is nearly 20 pounds and I swear his bladder is big as a human's! Sometimes the large clump is hard for it to clear and he also will scoop all the litter in one area. So I just take a peak once a day to make sure every thing is Kosher. Maybe once a week, I have to do a little scooping but that is about it. A $ saving tip: Line the plastic collection container with a plastic grocery store bag and wrap around the sides. That way you don't have to keep buying the containers. When it is full, I take the bag out and put a new one in! Works like a charm and is practically free. When the cats and I got used to it, we love it. Looking at it once a day is much easier than scooping several times a day.

we bought this and worked great for the first two months then it would alway get stuck when trying to scoop.. went back to the regular litter box

We bought this (our 3 attempt at using a littermaid) less than a month a go and I hate it! You cannot put it in sleep mode or the box will fill up and then has too much to "scoop" with the rake. I am returning mine! I would rather have a box for each cat !

After a month or two of using a different version of a LitterMaid we unplugged it and just used it like a normal box (scooped). It was loud and would startle the cats if they were in the room with it, and although we didn't have to scoop, it was still fairly messy.

Do you like extra work? Do you enjoy spending unnecessary amounts of time dealing with cat poop? Have money to waste? Then this is the product for you! The motor on the Littermaid Elite Mega is horrible. It will die very quickly leaving you with a messy, smelly, noisy, space wasting contraption. I wish I had done some research on this before buying it. It just seemed like such a great idea. Who doesn't want less cat poop cleaning and an easy solution for stinky litter boxes? Unfortunately I looked up reviews only after I began having issues. They all had many of the same problems I had. So, I came to the conclusion that this was not a faulty device but a faulty product all together. Not only did I waste $70 but I had to purchase the receptacles which are in no way reasonably priced as well as carbon filters that do not even come with the receptacles refills. About 4 months after purchasing the box, it was quite obviously becoming louder. The motor seemed to be straining to scoop the clumps into the receptacles. The poo was collecting just in front of the receptacles due to the fact that the motorized rake would click, struggle and sputter to get the clumps up to the edge before retreating in defeat. So I found myself having to nudge the clumps into the receptacle myself. There was also an issue with litter spilling through and collecting underneath the unit. Therefore, I was also lifting and cleaning spilled litter from under the machine as well. It became evident rather quickly that my way out of daily litter box woes had only gotten worse upon purchasing this litter box. I soon contacted Littermaid as I was quite upset that I had wasted so much money on something that was clearly poorly made. After a lot of questioning of my competence (had I followed directions, not over-filled the machine, used the correct litter etc.) they informed me that since the unit was under a year old it was under warranty and that they could replace it. However they wanted me to shell out an additional $20 for the shipping! Are you kidding me? You want me to drop more money to get a new Littermaid box that I didn't even want because I know it will have the same issues when it was your shoddy craftsmanship taht caused me this grief? I would just as soon line my cat's box with that $20 and let them crap all over it than send them more money. I was very frustrated and am going to make sure that anyone considering buying a Littermaid Elite Mega is warned. I was actually relieved when we went back to the standard litter box. It seems a breeze after dealing with that piece of junk. Oh and forgot to mention that the mat/platform broke off within the first month of owning this. The moral of this story is, if you don't want to clean your cat box, don't have a cat. There is no easy way out when it comes to litter box duties, but Littermaid will happily take your money anyway.