Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips

Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips

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Takes away smoke smell This product is great for freshening your breath in between meals and for smokers. It gives your breath a new minty fresh scent.

I originally bought these because they were cheaper than other brands. I found it difficult to determine which side goes on your teeth. When they dissolve they leave a weird film on your teeth. I also did not find them to be too effective in whitening my teeth.

I have nothing good to say about theese . and they are priced hogh.

I must admit I am stumped by the negative comments for this product. I bought it because of the price and the Listerine name, and was quite pleased. The taste was much like the breath strips, and was not unpleasant to me. They dissolve in about 20 minutes, which is a shorter time period than the Crest strips must stay on. The one complaint I have is, if you hands are at all damp when you apply the strip it will stick to you. If you make sure your hands are dry, and remove the strip from the package carefully, you shouldn't have a problem.

Only one word to describe it....terrible I don,t like anything about it!

Love the results, hated the taste and leftovers!! I just remembered to carry a tooth brush and floss with me wherever I went. I also put chapstick on before applying strips! Good Product!

These do not dissolve all the way. The film they leave behind is gross and pasty. I had to rinse my mouth and brush my teeth afterward to get rid of it. They might work but I can't stand the goo in my mouth that long to find out.

I received these to use as a test for 4 weeks. I hated them. As mentioned they didn't dissolve completely and they made my lips sore and cracked. I had to suck on hard candy while I had those in my mouth just to keep my mouth moistened so my lips wouldn't dry out. I think it's the peroxide in them and my mouth was so dry I kept licking my lips which dried them out.. The taste is awful and I was scraping the gel left behind from the undissolved strips off my teeth. I would NOT recommend these to anybody.

This particular whitening system is the most difficult to use that I have tried. The extremely thin strips became tangled prior to application and stuck to my lips as I tried to place them on my teeth. The taste is awful and takes some time to get used to. Each strip took about 20-25 minutes to dissolve, which is much longer than the box suggests and bits of the product remained between my teeth and required brushing for removal. I did manage to use the whole box (minus the first few that became so tangled during application that they had to be tossed) and saw very little results.