Listerine Smart Rinse

Listerine Smart Rinse

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Finally a non-mint option My son strongly dislikes mint, and I am glad that Listerine has a non-mint option in their Smart Rinse. I started buying this for my kids when they were very young, and my 21-year-old still uses it now. It is a trustworthy clean that he enjoys.

Love this! I'm always buying this for my daughter and she loves the taste

Love it even as an adult I'm 26 years old and I love this stuff. I dont like the burn of alcohol and when products say they dont have it they do. This stuff taste great and does the same job. Plus most are ADA approved.

Kids love it. My kids love this product. It helps them keep up with the brushing and removes the sugar bugs (we call it).

My kids use this all the time. Its good to know this kind of teaches them how to brush. After you brush you use the prince and these colors show up on your teeth were you messed with brushing

My children absolutely love this!! And of course that makes me love it! My children have always enjoyed brushing their teeth, we have nightly "toothbrush party" parties, and let me tell you, when a 2 year old is telling you to get up to the bathroom for a toothbrush party, you go! My husband uses Listerine mouthwash, always has always will, my teeth and mouth cannot handle the intensity of the mouthwash so I never did, that of course was until I discovered Listerine Total Care (my review) and now we have this for kids. My little ones love the flavor it leaves in your mouth, my son is always "here smell this" and a big 'huff' it's super cute. I am really thrilled that Listerine has given my children a reason to enjoy rinsing their mouths out. They have always wanted to use daddy's and I always say NO, I know, I'm mean because the bottle says not under 12 and I don't let them, not even my oldest daughter who will be twelve in less than 3 months. Maybe it's overkill, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I have always tried to read things and let the kids do them when the instructions/warnings say it's okay. Well, I would like to leave this with one recommendation (or two), if you use mouthwash and your child drives you nuts wanting to use it too and you won't let them, go buy this stuff, it's great, they will get mouthwash and you will rest assured knowing that it's not likely to hurt them. I would love everyone to try this product with their children, maybe it will take some of the struggle out of teeth brushing, if you have that issue.