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  • Cessnawv By  Cessnawv    

    Cool mint listerine is my all time favorite. I use it everyday. Makes my breath fresh and minty.

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  • pcaradonna By  pcaradonna    

    Cool Mint is my favorite

    Listerine cool mint is my favorite. My mouth is cool and fresh. Kills germs and bad breath.

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  • icedteaandsunshine By  icedteaandsunshine    

    Makes your breathe fresh and minty! I love minty taste so it's good! Good for a quick freshen breath or cleaning out more bacteria in the mouth. It can be too spicy if you hold it too long or for people who does not really like minty spicy taste

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  • Midlifeswag By  Midlifeswag    

    I use this everyday, it's a little spicy but makes my breath feel fresh and clean.

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  • jonilosmom By  jonilosmom    

    Love it

    I've used Listerine products for years. I love the cool mint variety. It leaves my entire mouth feeling clean.

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  • tiramisu888 By  tiramisu888    

    I recommend this mouthwash!

    I love this brand of mouthwash. It keeps my mouth fresh and kills germs. I've been buying it for a long time.

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  • Keniamejia By  Keniamejia    

    I love the freshness it leaves in my mouth, my breath feels clean longer

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  • Justicesmom By  Justicesmom    

    Love this Listern

    Always leave my mouth feeling so fresh and clean!!!

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    I remember as a kid how Listerine would burn, but it has come a long way in the past 30 years. It took me awhile to be willing to try it again, but Listerine Mouthwash Cool Mint is refreshing to use and doesn't taste bad.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    Best taste, works great

    I've tried lots of other mouthwashes, and Listerine Cool Mint has the best taste out of all of them. If used in the morning and at night really helps with breath freshness throughout the day.

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