Listerine Mouthwash Cool Mint

Listerine Mouthwash Cool Mint

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Love This! I prefer this product over the other brands. Just seems to get the job done better.

Fresh breath for you to try This is the mouthwash that surely will get the job done. It give you the confidence to start your day leaving that wonderful freshness in your mouth. I truly recommend this product.

Love it. Has multiple uses This is an item we make sure we never run out of. Aside from it's obvious use, we also use it to repel mosquitos. We just put it in a spray bottle and spray it when we are out in this Louisiana air with all the mosquitos. It has to be the blue listerine though.

The only mouthwash I like This is literally the only flavor I like and it keeps my breath fresh all day

Cool Mint I always rely on Listerine Cool Mint to keep my breath fresh. My mouth feels super clean and fresh for hours.

Muy bueno Deja un sabor refrescante en la boca, muy bueno para protegernos de las bacterias

Cool Mint for me!!! This is my go to mouth refreshing and minty. My mouth feels fesh and clean

Refreshing! Great mouthwash. Leaves mouth refreshed and love the germ killing ability too.

Not too strong and overpowering I can't tolerate the stronger stuff but this cleans my mouth, tastes good and my mouth feels fresh

Listerine Is The Best Choice For Us Listerine is the only mouthwash we buy. We love its alcohol content (COVID-fighting) and antiseptic qualities and we have seen improvement in our checkups at the dentist for using Listerine. There are so many formulas there is something out there for everyone to love.

Great job with oral health The best kind of feeling is a clean and healthy mouth right???? Well with this mouth wash that long lasting freshness will last up to eight hours!!!!!!!!

Freshens Breath It helps to freshens the breath and kill any odour that cause the bead breath.

Great toothpaste rinse Great taste, not over powering, makes my mouth feel fresh and clean...I use it everytime right after I've brushed my teeth as my mouth rinse instead of rinsing with water and my dentist said it won't hurt...

Kill germ I would definateky recommended this product ,i have patient who experience bad spread once she used this within 2 day her mouth fresh.

Cool Mint is my favourite Listerine cool mint is my favorite. My mouth is cool and fresh. Kills germs and bad breath.