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  • donna333 By  donna333    

    Great Dental Product

    Listerine Gentle Gum Floss was sturdy, yet not too harsh on my gums so it worked well for me. I liked the flavor too. It came recommended for me by my dentist. I will continue to purchase!

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  • Bibischli By  Bibischli    

    Keeps you fresh

    Does the job well and tastes good. Leaves my teeth so much healthier. I prefer this over the little plastic ones.

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  • liwenhan_u By  liwenhan_u    

    it?s very good, especially for people with braces. Usually when you floss your gum bleeds, and using this floss, you won?t bleed as much as before! Recommend!

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    

    Does a good job.

    Gets the job down. Sturdy and doesn't break. I would totally recommend this to someone who wants the basic floss.

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  • AcrosstheAvenue By  AcrosstheAvenue    

    Not Gentle Enough for Me

    This Listerine Gentle Gums Floss was not gentle enough for me. Although I liked the flavor, the floss made my gums bleed a lot. I stick to ribbon floss now.

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  • hannahroy66 By  hannahroy66    


    I have had good results with this product. I like the consistency and thickness of the floss itself. It doesn't break and tear, it works well. The razor cutter also works well. Good flavor too.

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  • gschu19 By  gschu19    

    Thick string, strong flavor

    Huge fan of this...cinnamon taste is strong...kinda like the gum. Doesn't always leave me feeling "minty clean" but still extremely effective. A thicker floss than your average one; this is also what they give at my dentist!

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  • Businessasusual By  Businessasusual    

    Love this brand

    It is important to brush and floss your teeth. This brand is perfect. Not too tough or weak just perfect and gentle around the gums.

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  • KathyW24 By  KathyW24    

    Good results with this. Reliable to clean between teeth. Need small size to carry in my purse

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  • mmtinga By  mmtinga    

    This product is from the Listerine family of products. While I was expecting a mint flavor, it was more of a cinnamon taste. I did not like the taste and will try something else.

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